Fish Oil or Flax Seeds?

petra_gwOctober 31, 2006

Which is better? I guess they both contain Omega3 oils, but I've read conflicting advice re. which one to take.

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I have heard that the seeds are have to grind them in something like one of those little electric coffee grinders. One reason is because the oil goes bad very quickly and has to be refrigerated. So, you can just buy a quantity of the seeds and grind small amounts as needed. They don't go bad until they are ground.

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I have heard that flax is good for prevention of breast cancer.

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marcia, thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I buy some. Jbkidd, I didn't know that, I thought they were mainly good for heart health.

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Flax seed is good for all sorts of things. I take it for PMS and Migraine prevention. Amazing! I would never be without it now. If I run out, the symptoms come back within a month, so I know it works.

I am too lazy to grind it: just buy the sealed packages of the pre-ground seeds and keep it in the freezer. I put enough for a few days use in a jar with a tight lid; it doesn't spoil that fast. I use 2-3 heaping tablespoons a day, sprinked on my dry breakfast cereal or oatmeal.

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