What ??'s would YOU ask?

grittymittsOctober 28, 2007

What questions would you ask about a neurological surgeon?

A very worried dear friend called me last night to ask for input regarding her 36 yr old DD who began to collapse without warning; regaining consciousness became more & more lengthy. Her 2 yrs of bad headaches were diagnosed by family doctor as migraines until the fainting began. Her 3 yr old daughter called my friend & said "Mommy's sleeping on the floor & she won't get UP Gram." Now someone must stay with this Mother 24/7. She's had to drop out of nursing school and of course no longer drives.

My concern is these sweet people are not at all savvy about Doctors and believe if one is "nice" they must be OK, and have NO idea what to ask. Yesterday they were told "MRI & CT show enlarged vessels in the brain stem; we've made app't. w/Neuroglogist in Columbus Ohio for Tuesday Oct 30th." They said "OK" and ask no further questions.

I told them to ask if they're Board Certified, how long they've practiced, medical school attended, etc. but other than that, I don't know what others to ask.

Although it's long distance, I'm willing to call them as many times as needed if anyone has suggestions.

Thanks! Suzi

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I wouldn't be so worried about the doctor's medical school and they can probably get a good estimate from age about how long they have practiced...plus, not sure what you would do with that info anyway. If they ask too many questions like that, the doctor is probably just going to try to get out of there quick.

I would be sure they understand what the DD is being tested for, and what the test results mean...what they can rule out and what they may rule in. I would have them read up on enlarged blood vessels in brain stem before they go so they understand a little more about what may be going on (although it could just needlessly scare them so that's your call). Depending on what is discovered, they may also want a second opinion; they may want to know if certain hospitals/doctors specialize in the particular problem the DD may have.

I find generally doctors like to explain things first and then take questions. So, I would advise them to hear the doctor out first and then drill him if needed. Be sure they get the doctor's name and know who to call if they have any questions after they leave...which will almost always happen. I wish them luck; they must be going through an awful time.

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