I LOVE this flooring...but it might not be a good idea.

april_loveSeptember 11, 2011

I've fallen in love with a polished porcelain tile. When we bought this house 4 years ago I knew I wanted a polished floor. (I saw the tile in another house that we looked at).

Everyone has told me that the flooring is not a good option for my house because it's slippery and prone to chipping. The tile would go in the foyer, hallway, and kitchen.

Ive been warned that this type of flooring is more suitable for foyer areas that 'look' pretty but are rarely used. My hallway and kitchen are high traffic areas. The foyer is attached so I can't separate the flooring.

Opinions? Thoughts?

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You're not in love. You're in lust. No logical reasoning can make you give up Mr. Hot Stuff in favor of Mr. Average Good Guy.

You are set in your mind and are only shopping around opinions until you get one that gushes and tells you to go ahead "because you love it.". It won't matter if you get 10-1 against. That's not what you want to hear. Your gonads are out of control. If "everyone" hasn't been able to convince you so far, then how are a bunch of strangers on the internet who only say the same things going to convince you. They won't. You'll still do what you want, facts be damned.

Just in case you are actually open minded though---a glossy floor is downright dangerous in a kitchen. A kitchen floor should be non slip.And so should an entry way, for that matter. You don't want to come in out of the rain and fall and break a leg because you slipped. When you mop or have a spill, it will be a serious skating rink. It's also high maintenance. It will show every single bit of dust and foot prints. 5 minutes after you dust mop, it will look like you haven't done it at all. If you walk across the floor with sweaty feet, it will show. And you'll have to clean it again. Then the dog walks across it. Then you clean it again. Then the kids and the dog walk back across it. And you give up and let the footprints stay. And you hate them. And you hate the floor. Except for that 3 minutes after you've cleaned it and wiped it dry with a microfiber cloth. Then it's gorgeous and you love it again. It's a relationship that only works if you absolutely LOVE to clean from morning to night. Or you have a maid who loves it. Or you admit defeat and learn to love the smudges and dust specs.

Now at least you can't say no one told you what living with a floor like that will be like. The exciting guys are always the biggest PIAs who drive you crazy and the steady reliable ones are the ones that take care of the baby when she's sick and you in your old age.

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We have a polished ceramic tile floor in one of our bathrooms in our new house and it is downright Dangerous! I have slipped on it numerous times, even when the floor wasn't wet! I can not wait for us to rip that sucker out so we can put down tile down that has some traction - in the meantime, rugs will have to do. Knowing this, I personally would never install a slippery polished floor anywhere where people will have to walk on it - it's an accident waiting to happen.

I'm sorry, this is probably not what you wanted to hear. :(

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Thank you for you honest opinions. Yes, it's certainly not the answer that I wanted to hear, but it's reality.

Sadly disappointed but optimistic that my perfect tile exists and I just have to find it.

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"The exciting guys are always the biggest PIAs who drive you crazy and the steady reliable ones are the ones that take care of the baby when she's sick and you in your old age. "

I love this, LOL!

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Cleaning is a personal thing, but a polished tile of any kind is not the best for that kitchen. Every drip can turn that polished surface into a danger zone. It takes about one drop of water to introduce your backside, if not your head, to the tile up close and personal. Hope you don't have something hot or sharp in your hands at the time. Don't take our word for it -- put a drop or two of water on a tile and slide your hand or foot across it.

And if they are telling you lower traffic areas, that translates this finish is not going to be that durable and the polished look you love will scratch and dull -- confiscate shoes and issue clean socks at the door.

Removing tile isn't cheap, and then you get to pay for tile plus installation all over again. Do you have the budget to do it twice if you are wrong?

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