eyelids itching SO much ...

vieja_gwOctober 4, 2008

Frequently I have intense itching of the eyelids in both eyes ... drives me crazy!! I don't have allergies but the eye Dr. said to use very warm, wet compresses on the eyelids frequently ... doesn't seem to help for any length of time. I do have dry eye syndrome & use Systane eye drops without the preservative that some others have that burn a lot when I use them. Does anyone have this eyelid itching & if so, what have you found to help?

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I do, also have dry eyes and use Systane. However I do have allergies and dry eye, (dry everything) is a side affect of them. I can't wear eye makeup much anymore, have to be really careful. I have had an infection in one of my tear ducts and that is when my lid itched the worse. Took oral medication to get rid of the infection and then the itching eased off but will return if the duct gets irritated again. I was also told to use the warm compresses to keep the ducts from being irritated and cleaned out. You have the ducts all along the eyelash line from what I was told.

Until you have this, you wouldn't think it would be so bothersome.

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If you are using any kind of makeup, try doing without it for a week or two and keep track of how many times you are bothered with the itching.

I can't use eye shadow or mascara. It's a contact type of allergy. It is the daily use that bothers me. Once in a while for a few hours is OK.

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I don't wear any eye make-up (haven't for years)so don't think I have any eye allergies. It alternates between intense eyelid itching & then burning!Yes, it sure is irritating & bothersome! Have to keep from rubbing the 'dickens' out of my eyes! Maybe we will get someone who reads this that has had a better solution?!

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Are you wearing sunscreen? It burns if it gets into your eyes.

I suppose even if you are wearing foundation with an SPF it could get into your eyes druing the day. Can you stop all make-up for a week or so to see if there is something with the make-up?

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I get eye lid itching so I know what you are talking about. I always assummed it was allergy related. Sometimes I would get it right before a cold....like how you start sneezing a lot before a cold, my eye lids would itch. Have you tried an oral antihistamine to just see if it would help? I don't because I'm very sensitive to them, but it may help you.

I think once a took a wet q-tip and a little baby shampoo and tried to gently clean my eyelids. I think it helped a little but I don't remember... hopefully it wouldn't hurt.

Oddly, I have dry eyes too so maybe the itching is linked to that, but my eyes feel different and I get bad headaches when my eyes become too dry.

I'm still thinking the itching is allergy related. I pretty much thought almost all itching was allergy related. I also get itching in the ear canel.... very annoying for those of you that haven't experience it.... feels like little bugs are crawling around in your ear.

Good luck finding a cure! Let me know if you find anything that seems to work.

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I do believe it is allergy related. I probably didn't make my first post clear enough. The dryness(I have it in my mouth as well as my eyes) is allergy related and a side effect of the dry eye is that the tear ducts don't get flushed out and bacteria builds up in the ducts and the itching is a result of that. Since I always wore eye make up, it made it worse but I still get the itching just from the dust and dirt in the environment. Once you start the scratching, you are done for, it feels good while your are scratching but not when you stop. When I had the infection, it was really painful - the lid was sore and there appeared to be a pimple of sorts right on the edge of the lid where the lashes are but more towards the corner of the eye. Hurt to blink, hurt to not blink kinda thing. The opthomologist first tried a salve but I ended up needng an antibotic for 3 weeks. You might try some neosporin on the lid just in case there is an infection starting. Maybe some Cortaid on the lid for itching but be careful not to get in the eye. I bet though that you will find it only helps for a while. Like Carla said you might need an antihistamine.

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carla: Yes, I have one ear that itches so much also so guess it too is due to dryness. Antihistamines taken orally don't help & a blood test didn't show I had allergies.... frustrating, isn't it?!

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Blood tests generally only show a small percentage of allergens. They only test like 20 main allergens, and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of things you could be allergic too. Or, you may have Non-Allergic Rhinitis causing all the itching. It presents and generally has the same symptoms and can be treated the same way as allergies. In other words, just because your blood test (or even a skin test) doesn't come up positive for anything, doesn't mean you don't/can't have any allergies or allergy symptoms.

You may want to run this by your doctor first, but for the ear itching, I use a q-tip with some peroxide on it. It fizes a little and really seems to help the itching instantly. Again, mine is probably allergy related so it helps. But if yours is something else (especially if you think it's dry ear-- although I haven't really heard of that) peroxide may make it worse. In fact I think peroxide is a drying agent even sometimes used for too much water and swimmers ear so don't use without asking your doctor especially if you have 'dry ear'. It really works wonders on my ear itching though.

Have you tried the baby shampoo cleansing? Mix a little baby shampoo in some warm water and use it to cleanse your eye. I picked up the idea when I had to do this when my kid had a stye. Again, may want to run the idea by your doctor first depending on your condition, but at least it's an idea that could work.

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Carla 35:

The blood test I was referring to was for elevated blood eosinophil levels that occur with allergies ... not the skin tests for allergies. And I too have tried peroxide (drying as you mention)in the ear (what a fizzing!!ha) & it does stop the itching for a short while. I also have tried sweet oil drops n the ear for lubricating. And yes, the ophthmologist did mention using baby (non-tearing/burning) shampoo on the eye lids for cleansing .. I'm glad you mentioned it ... I will try that again! I read somewhere that our skin has microscopic little mites that are there normally to get rid of all the dead skin cells that our bodies slough off all the time ...& at times they may become too numerous .. now I imagine them moving around causing the itching!!ha

Will try the shampoo, more warm wraps & also an antihistamines once again & let you know what happens.

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Hi again,

Yeah, I'm familar with both the blood and the skin tests for allergies. Generally skin tests are thought to be more reliable than blood although I have to admit I don't have a lot of knowledge about your particular blood test. It sounds like it checks for a certain allergen disease or infection. I'm just trying to stress the fact that most allergy tests can rule in things, but I don't believe they can rule out everything.

For example, I thought I was allergic to cats. I had an allergy test done and the doctor said it was negative.. So, I assumed the wheezing etc. I experience after being around cats was all in my head. The next time I was around a cat I went ahead and held it (assuming I was not allergic). Well, within 2 minutes my arm broke out in hives. I told my allergist; he said the tests aren't 100% accurate... Yes, they test for cats but every cat is different. Sort of like laundry detergents... you may be allergic to one kind but not another, or you could have a problem with all of them. They don't/can't test you for everything and every tree, grass, weed, animal, mite, mold, etc... I just wouldn't be real quick to rule out allergies all together unless your doctors have actually pin pointed a different cause or are specifically telling you differently.

Hopefully you'll find something that works for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allergy tests

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I didn't read if you wore contacts or not. If so, could they need replacing? That is one cause for my itchy eyes.

Also, your body and our planet is constantly changing, something you may have never had a problem with is now causing allergies. When we moved to Phoenix from the midwest I started getting itchy eyes. Try not to touch them, it can infect them which only makes things worse.

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You have symptoms of allergy... you have a sensitivity to something that is causing the itching, therefor you have an allergy.
Try some antihistimine eye drops and I'll bet you get relief.
Linda C

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I'm using OcuSoft lid scrub, several times a day and at night. It gives me relief from the lid itch. Good luck.

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