where did the thread go???

trailrunnerbikerJanuary 16, 2012

so strange...first the pics from my thread disappeared and now the whole thread . Not sure why since it is OK to post pics of cats and dogs in the kitchen...and pics of kids in the kitchens during reno...so it is gone...to the wind. All the pics are gone too in a thread I posted with a different title on Deco side.... Maybe it will be next. c

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Who knows... glad I got to see your little guy! Can't see any problem with posts like this. Maybe there afraid everyone will be posting pictures of their kids and dogs...

My grandson is now almost 5 - and such a little boy. Lot's of fun to see him and hang out. I was there over the weekend and he told me I couldn't go home for 2 years... so cute. I also have another little grand daughter due on Feb. 22. Can't wait.

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Trailrunner- Your grandson is adorable! I saw the pictures, but didn't have a chance to respond. That little chef outfit is too cute...and perfect for the kitchen forum, IMHO :)

I've noticed a few other threads getting shuffled over here, but I don't know why they would delete yours. Maybe someone is complaining about off topic posts, because GW certainly didn't seem to be monitoring the forum that carefully, for the past several months.

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