Blood Sugar Testing Info Needed

debbiep_gwOctober 6, 2004

Hello,my husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes,his blood sugar is high.He goes through the VA for his health care.They gave him the kit to test it with and also recently sent him more strips,my question is do you use the needle only once?The kit and extra strips came with only a few needles.He is suppose to check it daily upon getting up.We had assumed you use the needle once and use a new one daily but now I'm wondering about that.Debbie

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Pooh Bear

The very best thing is to use an alcohol wipe and use the stick needle only once.

I don't use the alcohol wipes.
And I try to remember to change my stick needle every week.
They hurt more as it gets dull.

I check twice a day.

Pooh Bear

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Use it only once - aside from the possible bacteria growing on the bloody needle, it gets dull and hurts like heck!

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Once. Get more lancets.

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Use only once. The last thing a diabetic needs is an infection! It is a very good idea to establish meticulous habits early and be diligent about following them.


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Thanks for the advice.I just found out the needles are mailed seperate from the test strips.Debbie

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