iceblink22October 9, 2009


I suffer from GAD and depression. Paxil is the LAST thing anyone with anxiety should be prescribed. For depression alone, it may be fine, but if you have chronic anxiety along with depression, the stimulant properties will literally drive you up the wall. Why doctors continue to prescribe Paxil and other new anti-depressants with stimulant properites for individuals with depression/anxiety disorders isa mystery to me. Effexor is fine.

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I think people have different levels of different problems, and sometimes you have to try different things. I know when I was on Wellbutrin, I was much more anxious.
I'm on Zoloft......a very small dose, combined with a small dose of a beta blocker and it works for me. But I do get more anxious if I add caffeine to it. I'm glad the Effexor is working for you.

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I should clear this up. I accept that depression is real and by no means suggest you stop taking prescribed medication. This is something only a qualified health professional with intimate knowledge of your case can determine.

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