what is IPE?

storkladySeptember 1, 2011

I see many references to IPE on this forum. What does it mean. Sorry, I'm a newbie. :-)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm a newbie too, but found what might be a good explanation. Maybe someone here will add further explanation.

Here is a link that might be useful: IPE Hardwood Floors

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Ipe (ironwood) is a tropical hardwood that has become popular for exterior decks. It is extremely weather-resistant, tough, strong and ungodly heavy/dense.
It requires special installation procedures; most people when spending $4.00+ per lineal foot do not want to see nails in the face of the deck, so it is universally installed with concealed fasteners, which essentially triples the amount of labor vs. a PT deck that's nailed with a nail gun.
The concealed fastening systems are also costly. There are a variety of clips, brackets or simply screws that have matching wood plugs filling the holes.
I did my first Ipe deck job in 06, and have witnessed the quality of the material go down while the price has continued to rise. Maybe others can still source premium stock at a good price.
Did I mention how heavy it is? One person can carry a 16' 4/4x6" plank without injury. 2 planks is a serious muscle-man. 3 planks would be a hernia.
Oh, yes; when sold as interior flooring, it goes by the name of "Brazilian walnut".

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