Floor in attic office using 1 x 4s? Please help.

storkladySeptember 1, 2011

Hello, we are doing a whole house remodel on a strict budget. We want to skimp a little on the attic that will be our office. For years we lived in an older home (built in the 30s). While there, we enlcosed the back porch and it became our sunroom. We kept the original porch floor...it was just 1 x 4 boards that were butted up to each other but there was a small crack between the boards, but it didn't bother us. We painted the floor and it held up and we loved the painted look. So..fast forward...to this house and we want to do the same thing in the attic to save money on a "real" floor. Does anyone know a reason why this cannot be done? And...if it's OK to do it...how long to the boards have to acclimate before instatllation and how long before they can be painted? Thanks very much.

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Unless the joist are on 12 inch center, 1x4's will be flexing on 16 inch centers. That is the whole reason for tongue & groove.

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