Do you have a removable dental bridge?

Helen317October 12, 2005

Hope there are people here to share their experience. I just got one two days ago. It's replacing two teeth that had to come out and adding two molars on each side. It's driving me mad! I am so negative--I should be rejoicing that I can chew without worrying that I'm going to choke on a big piece of meat that I couldn't chew properly, etc. It makes me feel very claustrophobic. Also, eating with the thing in is weird. Will I get used to it????????

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You will definitely get used to it. Trust me, you will.

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did they talk with you about implants?

I think you will get used to it unless there is something that is hitting your gums and they need to do a little more shaping.

DH had all of his top teeth pulled 2 yrs ago and he has to take his dentures out immediately after he eats. He starts gagging. We would love to get implants for him but its $12,000. Our dentist said if they ever come down in price, DH will be the first one he calls.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Susan, thanks for the assurance. I will try and trust you!

downsouth, I've lost too much bone to get implants. But anyway, there's no way I could afford them. I feel sorry for your husband. I noticed this morning when I put the bridge in, I felt a bit of the gagging reflex coming on.

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Helen, I've used a bridge for many, many years and I'm so happy to have it. The only time I'm aware of it during the day is when food gets under one of the teeth. Of course, it's removed at night to let the tissues have a rest. You'll get used to it.

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Thanks, gmom. I love taking it out at night. I feel so free and "normal." Two of my friends have them, and they both, like you, say they are completely used to it. I wonder how long it will be before I start to lose the awareness of something in my mouth.

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Helen, have you told your dentist that it's uncomfortable? sometimes it just takes a minor adjustment to make all the difference in the world. If you don't feel better about it in a couple of days, check with him.

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Thanks Frog, I will check with him.


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If your bridge is uncomfortable, you need a different dentist!
I have a permenant bridge....just one tooth but it doesn't come out.....and I clean under it with a little floss threader......and unless I get a seed caught, never know it's there.
Linda C

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Linda C, the bridge is not so much uncomfortable as much as it's just *there*--the task is getting used to something in my mouth.


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You will get used to it.It's better than full dentures.You should thank God for every real tooth you have in your mounth.

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There is no need of the removable dental bridge, because dental bridge once fixed then there is no need to removed until it is damaged.

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I just lost my upper right rear tooth. I now have a gap between it and the two adjoining teath. I would like to fill that gab with a removable bridge, but my dentist tells me that they are no longer made in the USA.
Where did you get your removable bridge ? How does it clasp
to your other teeth ? can you chew with it? How expensive was it?

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I think implants are better than using dental bridge as implants will be a permanent solution for your tooth and also is very good..

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If you think that is hard to get used to, think again. My parents didn't have the money to take care of my teeth, then as a young adult I fell and landed chin first. As a result I broke off my four front teeth, upper ones. They didn't do caps back then just bridges. I wore one for 3 or 4 years and the other teeth wouldn't support it anymore. I had all my upper's pull and a denture made. When I put that in it felt like it would fit a horse's mouth. It was awful, I ate soup and soft food for awhile. When I got use to them it was like my real teeth which is not true with lower dentures. So in the long run I was lucky.

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