deep wound How Long?

goldyOctober 3, 2011

I fell off my bike and hit real hard.I got a bad scrape on my knee.Treated myself for three weeks than went to the doctors.It's now two months and it's a little better.should I worry?Imust tell you I;m on medds for heart and high blood pressure and I'm 81years old.should I be I be seeking a new doctor?

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New doctor, yes. Could be a broken bone the other doctor missed. This is quite common situation. My friend's son walked on a broken leg until his doctor finally sent him to a specialist.

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Scrape isn't healing or great pain walking? Is wound infected? If you don't have much money go get some zinc diaper rash ointment & put on it a few days.(Unless it is pus filled)That healed my burn where all the skin came off to point it has faded out & I think by Christmas you won't be able to see where it was. I got Dr. Scheffield's for $1 at a Dollar store(made in U.S.) but any would work, I use it on my dad's foot as he rubs it on bed(I added piece of ridged foam to ease pressure on feet also) since he had stroke year ago. It hasn't broken open or gotten infected so it is working well for him also. Friend had leg wound that wouldn't heal & they did some kind of oxygen therapy & it healed fast after that. Another friend had to go to a pain center to get her painful leg healed. Don't use iodine on it, that will make the wound larger if you use it daily as it actually eats away at the flesh. My little brother was getting worse from a finger injury & dad didn't have money to take him to dr. so asked druggist & he told him methylate ?( cost 15cents & dad came back on payday & paid it-that's what druggist's did back then!) also orange stuff used many years ago, that healed it. Now the antibiotic creams are much gentler & safer. Zinc in diaper rash creams heals very sore little bottoms but works great for adults & you don't get allergic to an antibiotic that way either.

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Goldy, a deep wound needs to be treated immediately, by an emergency room or Urgent Care. Going that long with a deep wound can cause infection or gangrene or possibly losing a part of your leg if left untreated.

PLEASE get to an ER right now!!!

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Thanks all .I will head over to the emergency room today.

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Have they run other lab tests on you? Are you diabetic?

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They have run so many test on me.THE FINAL ONE MY KIDNEYS are not up to par.doc says from taking high blood pressure pill for ten years.I'm a anemic been for years and my thyroid is out of whack.When your are as old as me you know parts break down and you got to live with them.Just don't want to go out with this dumb wound.Think I will get rid of my bike I think it's time I had both feet on the ground.

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Oh, I am so glad you went and got a diagnosis. Yes, maybe stick to a stationary bike!

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