I Hate Being an 'Interesting Patient'

chisueOctober 20, 2012

Had a colonoscopy. MD removed two polyps (one benign; one pre-cancerous). However, he couldn't remove a pre-cancerous 'carpet polyp' located only a little bit in from my anus. He also found that my appendix is bulging into the colon. Had CT of appendix that was inconclusive.

I have an appointment with another G.I. MD who 'may' be able to lift and remove the carpet polyp. He may also use an ultrasound endoscope to look at my 'bulge'.

It looks like I will *certainly* have to have an appendectomy, and I may have to have surgical removal of the carpet polyp.

Any advice?

Oh, we had planned to be in Hawaii January and February. Maybe not, eh? I can't see the 'carpet' guy until end of November.

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Sorry to hear this, but glad you are taking care of it as soon as you can.

Monday I had a kidney and ureter removed by robotics and came home Thursday. There was no sharp pains with this surgery except when I cough. All I had was discomfort and soreness. The cancer was low grade and confined to my kidney, no treatment, just follow up tests of the bladder.

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Emma -- Hope you are continuing to heal, pain-free. I had a staghorn calculus removed from a kidney about 14 years ago. I checked myself out of the hospital with the open wound in my back to save my life from the nursing staff! (Seriously.) Glad you were discharged quickly. A recent CT for the colon problem also showed that both of my kidneys look great.Nice to know!

The specialist GI guy was able to get the carpet polyp and see the cecum through an endoscope. I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow to see if/when he will remove the appendix. Still hoping I can get on that plane Jan. 4. I'll need another colonoscopy in six months, but if it is clear I can then go three years until the next one.

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chisue, Sounds good. I was lucky, caught it early. No one in my family has ever had cancer as far as we know and I blame it on radiation poisoning from carrying my cell phone in my pocket for 3 years. If the cancer had been in my left kidney I would not have thought anything of it. When I researched "dangers of cell phone in pocket", boy was I shocked. I checked the phone manual under safety and it said almost the some thing, but in different terms. It mentioned RFs instead of radiation and keeping the phone 1 inch from my body. I don't carry it any more just use it as a regular land line phone. When I get a call and stay on it I use the speaker option.

Good luck on the future tests.

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In 1931 DR.Otto Walburg got a Nobel prize for showing that cancer can't live in a alkaline or oxygen rich environment Doctors for some reason have forgot this. If I had cancer I would go with an alternative medicine they have a higher cure record.

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you should see chris beat cancer blog. this kid is amazing. he went the better route than chemo *which is all marketing and NO proof any of it works!

Very wise d0ug!! Main stream medicine is all marketing. Doctors don't know how to heal a patient, only treat symptoms. They were wooed by big pharma for years into believing meds are necessary. We are discovering this is NOT true. Not at all.

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Thanks, but no thanks. I'm alive today because of modern medicine, not the "alternative" stuff.

Even Steve Jobs, learned to late that alternative cancer treatments kill patients and not help them. He has said that if had gone the traditional root , instead of the alternative route, he would have been able to beat his cancer.

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There are many drug companies that lie *or fudge the numbers" of response rates. Just to sell them.

They don't cure a thing. Not for a cold. Not for cancer.

It's a business. Profits. Maybe there were less cancers years ago, because of "natural" cures. You just don't know. :)

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enter gwen olsen in youtube. I suppose she could be blatantly lying. but I doubt it.

Chemo, surgery and radiation also kills patients.

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