Adult acne

Seamer1October 18, 2004

Ok, I'll be 45 in a few weeks, and my face is so broke out, I can't stand it. It looks nasty. I have no idea what to do about it. My Dr. gave me some trial samples of an acne cream, which has not done any good.

The places get sore and all red and scabby. I'm sorry for the discription, but I am getting desperate for help on this.

thank You

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I can't tell by your sign in name whether you are male or female. But I am guessing female.

when a woman gets in your general age group, sometimes estogen levels start going haywire. It's sort of too much of a good thing. Too much all at once.

Is your doctor a gynecologist? If not, it might be a good idea to check with one and see if your ovaries are behaving themselves. It's nothing to worry about but I know it would be reassuring to have your hormone levels checked.

Many women with adult onset acne get relief by stronger doses of birth control pills. They keep the hormone levels stable instead of on a roller coaster of ups and downs.


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Yes, I'm female, you guessed right.
I had a hysterectomy over 13 years ago, so I haven't taken birth control in years. I did retain my overies, which, now that I think about it, i've had some sharp and some dull pains coming from the region where I think they should be located.
I never realized the overies could make your face break out. These are no regular break outs though, these are hugh, nasty looking places
thanks for any comments

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Those pains mean that you really need to get them checked. I don't mean to frighten you because chances are that it doesn't mean a thing. However, there are ovarian cysts that can cause the estrogen levels to go crazy.

Have you seen a dermatologist about the breakout?

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See your gynecologist.

Also a tip. I have been complaining about my 'approaching 40' issues to my doc (an ob/gyn who is mostly focused on obstetrics).

Due to insurance, I transferred to a new doc, who is gynecology only and focuses on women's issues.

And I've made major headway on my issues. I suggest seeing your gynecologist.

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mine turned out to be rosacea

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I had awful skin till my 40s, I finally asked my dermatologist to give me Aldactone (prescription diuretic that also blocks male hormones). Within 2 weeks my face wasn't oily any more, the eczema on my forehead was gone and so was my acne.

I've been on it for several years (am 48 now), am post menopausal and still will get the "oilys" and minor breakouts if I forget my pills for a day or two. It's been nearly a miracle for me...


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May I reccomend website to print out "Acne Detective" and then check every product you use. I keep mine with me when I'm shopping so I won't buy anything harmful. It is amazing how many products contain acne causing, even in Dr Dermo products. Another tip, no hot water or steam, and ice you face twice a day. There are answers and solutions! No one has to live with acne.

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"no one has to live with acne"....well, are prescription acne medications covered under health benefits?? I thought they were considered cosmetic and not covered. I would love to get something for my imperfect skin (face, neck, and upper body) but it is just not in my budget to buy a prescription for it. So for the past 6 years (I've only had constant skin problems since I was 24) I've had to live with it because nothing at the store has worked. I've never worn a skin-bearing top or dress, I only wear a swimsuit once or twice a year, and the only time I wear tank tops or put my hair up is in the house. :(

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Insurance issue depends on insurance company and reason you are seeing a derm. Acne can be caused by many things, some of which are covered. So it depends. It certainly is worth pursuing, since it is causing quality of life issues. Just have to go through the proper insurance channels- probably need a referral from regular doc to a derm, etc. Sorry I can't be more specific, as I get only rare breakouts that aren't that bad. But I don't see the harm in trying to get ins coverage.

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I don't know if this helps but it sure helped me ....
I started to have some acne pimple systic acne problem when I was 33. I've never had that problem as teenager so it was a big problem for me for about 7long years!
About 7months ago, I decided to use soy milk instead of milk for my morning coffee. I was probably drinking about a cup of milk everyday before. That's basically was the only thing I changed my diet. I still eat cheese or yogurt.
But seriously, it made me to not brewak out anymore and I'm very very happy about this.
And my acne problem was really bad for 7years not just a little but to the point of making myself staying home more and more from embarassement.
I think now days Milk itself have more hormornes from farmars somehow feeding them? and why I can eat cheese and yorgurt is may be it's been processed a bit longer than milk ?

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I had the same problem, and my doctor prescribed Diane-35, it was designed to be birth control, but has the fantastic effect of controlling acne, oily hair. It costs about $28 CDN a month (and is not covered by any drug plan in Canada either), which is less than my self esteem is worth.

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To Sunflowerrose - I had the same experience with soy milk! Recently I stopped drinking milk and started drinking soy milk and without changing anything else my acne began to clear, and my skin was the clearest it had been in ages! I'm in my 30's. I looked into "the benefits of soy" online and found various references stating that soy contains a form of estrogen and depending on how much you take it can act similarly in your body as birth control pills. It also affected my periods - less bleeding each period and longer time between each period - went from a 27 day cycle to a 40 day cycle. Talked to my doctor who also confirmed that soy can affect your hormones. For me the effect was good - improved acne and less frequent periods. I actually stopped taking the soy milk about a month ago and guess what - the acne returned, so for me I am convinced the soy is what did it. I am now back on the soy milk and can't wait to see the reduced acne effect again (took about 3 weeks for me to notice a change before....) Anyway my point is - you might want to try soy! At least it's natural. Here are some links to articles about soy and hormones and estrogen:

However it's also important to note that there are critics of soy, some say it's downright unhealthy altogether, so do your own research. For me, the benefit outweighs any "risks" because I don't necessarily believe the critics.

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Try giving up wheat! This means all breads, anything with flour in it. I did and I never since I was 11 years old had skin so smooth, I couldn't believe I was allergic to wheat all these years and didn't know it (that explained why I sneeze and get congested after I eat too, no wheat, no allergies). Tomatoes also make me break out. These were things that were always present in my diet, and I've had acne my whole life never knowing it was my food. If you try giving it up, you will know in about 4 days if its helping or not because by then all the wheat you ate before will be out of your system. (Proactive does help a lot, if you find out its caused by a food you don't want to give up full time - I never had much luck with the rest of the prescription or over the counter stuff).

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I'm almost 58 years old, and I think I have adult acne. One side of my face looks like it's broken out in a rash, and I have whiteheads.

I'm post-menopausal, and have started weaning myself off hormone replacement therapy. Will ask my GYN if these are related.

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I had a few in my 20's and found out that Ponds cleansing cream caused it. Went away when I quit cleaning my face with it.

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I have been struggling with Acne for so long, it really sucks.

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I read an article when I was younger, it said no one should suffer with acne. A mild anti biotic will take care of it. But, in your case it may not be the acne, it may be caused by something else. I agree see a doctor, you need to prevent scarring.

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Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried different kinds of strategies and products to clear my skin and prevent the acne from coming back. They said that it is in my genes and it is hereditary. To totally get rid of this acne is to kill the bacteria and unclog the pores that cause the acne and pimples. Basic steps to keep the skin healthy is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But in addition to these basic steps I need to use antibacterial solution and cream to dry the acne. My skin becomes clearer and the acne is controlled from coming back.

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