Another report out about Vitamins

vala55October 14, 2011

I posted the one about Vitamin E and another report came out today about whether all vitamins are safe or not. Years ago my doctor warned me about vitamins. He said it may help with one problem, but it may be doing a bad thing some where else in your body. He said blood work ups will show if I am low in something.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vitamins

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This is true about anything you put in your body, not just vitamins. The article said to ask your doctor which supplements you need. There are thousands of reports about vitamins, a little research on what you are concerned about goes a long way, there is no need to scare anyone. Most people on these forums are intelligent people who know to take what you read with a grain of salt. You seem to like to spread gloom and doom with every post you make. Try posting something positive and helpful.

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I disagree that most people are aware of this. They think they are preventing health problems, preventing memory loss, preventing bone loss, etc., when actually they may be harming themselves. They think herbal teas and vitamins are not dangerous because they are natural. Call it whatever you like but I will continue to warn people of the dangers.

I have 3 sisters, 2 have taken herbs and vitamins and other stuff most of their adult life. Those two have more health problems than me, my other sister and our Mom who take nothing. Mom died last year at the age of 97 and was living alone in her home and raked leaves until a week before she died.

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The problems are probably coming from the food makers that are adding vitamins to cereals, juices,(calcium) Ensure is 1 big vitamin drink etc. So if you take a multi, eat vitamin fortified cereal & have an Ensure or similar drink you are getting 3 vitamin pills. A number of other products & even vitamin pills such as calcium have added zinc, vit.D3 or magnesium added ,to them so you get some more stuff added to doses you already took. Things like V8 Fusion have a number of vitamins. They are even adding chloride to multi -vitamin- I think most people get too much salt so don't need another dose of chloride. But if you eat oatmeal each day & live alone you are not likely to get all the vitamins & minerals from your food as you would have to fix meals with at least 2 veggies,some fruit etc. Well, most seniors I know don't get all the daily fresh fruits & veggies so a single vitamin pill might be best for them. asking a dr. about supplements is rather waste of time, some take several themselves & others never do. Many drs. aren't too healthy themselves. Also if you are very healthy they lose business. Drs. call it politics- I call it their paycheck!

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Yes cereal especially is loaded with vitamins, that was mentioned in the article. I loved the cinnamon toast crunch but way to sweet. I found that mixing it with a cereal that wasn't sweetened worked.

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