Cracke lips

dotmomOctober 14, 2005

I've been having with the corners of my lips cracking and being sore. I heard a long time ago that there is a vitamine I need. Any one out there thats heard this? I do take a multi every day.

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C and B complex helped me.

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Drink more water. Seriously. I always get chapped lips if I don't drink enough for a couple days.

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Odd to see this message posted. For the past few weeks my lips have been so chapped. No cold weather here either. Dont' know what's up. Using medicated chap stick and also tried a hydrocortisone cream, nothing is working.

I'll try drinking more water.

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If this doesn't clear up, it may be yeast or thrush. Get to a doctor. I had this and it won't go away by itself. You may need medication.

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B complex vitamine....cracked mouth corners is specific to lack of B vitamines.
Linda C

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In addition to the suggestions given above, if this is a recent occurance and you are using a forced hot air HVAC system, it may be that you do not have enough humidity in the air at your home. You may want to consider purchasing a hygrometer to measure your indoor humdity and correct any deficiencies with an appropriate humidifier.

Alternatively, you may have an essential fatty acid deficiency, most commonly Omega 3. Fish oil is generally better than flax oil in this regard.

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Also avoid licking your lips, especially outside in Winter.

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I think that chapped or cracked lips is caused by dry weather often expereinced during the winter. Not by a vitamin definciency. If it was a vitamin problem then it would be seen during the summer months as well. You can try chapstick, vasaline, carmex any of those can and should work, but you need to keep applying it so that it is able to protect your lips from the dry cold environment otherwise it wont work if you rub it off. If this is a fungi issue such as candida aka "thrush" then you do need to see your doctor so that they can give you some perscription amphoteracin b or fluconazole. btw candida shows as white patches that can be scraped off inside the oral cavity. sometimes it can be on the corners of the mouth as well. i highly doubt this is thrush. so just stick to the carmex regimn and be sure to apply enough of it so that it stays on. best of luck

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