Front Gate Fancy Pants light bulbs

pebbles396January 6, 2006

Hi all - I need a quick product review before I splurge!

Ok the elphant walkers upstairs seem to cause enough vibration that the light bulbs burn out pretty quick. We have always bought sort of cheapie bulbs because all the fancy ones never seem to change the color or whatever like they claim.

However, when I saw these I thought that it might be worth considering. Have you heard anything?

Light bulbs at frontgate

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I've found that Frontgate is usually a lot more expensive than other places. Here's a link to a place that has rough service light bulbs. Their rough/vibration service 75W bulb is $1.69. If you buy a case of 12 they are $1.49 each. Sounds like you'll need a lot of them. Good luck.

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Sounds like mom has good advice for you-I just have a big HEYHOWAYA and a hug! :) Don't be a stranger, dear :)

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Don't know much about lightbulbs, but SOOOOOOO, SOOOOOOOO, SOOOOOO happy to see you again! Miss you!!!

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I have a lightbulb with the little pointy tip from my grandmother's house. Still works. My dad says it was the original lightbulb and was never changed. I plan to put it up in my cozy little office when the work crews stop showing up here.

I figure it's around a hundred years old, roughly the age of my cat Blanche.

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hmmm, I think that I might just order a few for the bathroom remodel and report back in. Might just get a fresh start with the new fixtures.

I do admit to be surprised that no one has tried these? I guess I'm just lucky to have heavy walkers above me. I cannot wait until their lease is up.

sorry I'm never on here - most of you know I've switched jobs and other stuff so I'm almost never on gweb.

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