Programmable Thermostat vs regular one

chuehJanuary 15, 2014

I just learned that overriding the programmable thermostat setting actually requires more energy from the Energy Star website. Unfortunately, that what I have been doing.

At my home, I need to constantly change the temperature setting, so I have to override my 7-day programmable thermostat often, even though there are 4 settings per day already.

Would it actually be more sensible to have a non-programmable thermostat for me being home most of the time? Or having a programmable thermostat is still a more energy saving approach.

Any input? Thanks

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Override mode does not efect energy consumed while unit is running. Unless you have a routine,programable t-stat is worthless. If you have different routines on djfferent days of week,the t-stat is programable to operate as needed for each day.
"Being home most of the time" might be considered routine that requires setback only when sleeping.

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Thanks klem1. What you said makes sense

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Hold on - changing a thermostat setting only causes more energy use if you're overriding it to turn the heating temp up or an A/C temp down. If you overrode it the other way - a lower temp during heating season and a higher one in the summer, you'd use less energy.

Why do you have to constantly change the temp setting? Where do you live, what's your home like, what's the weather like, what are your settings?

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The only way you can hurt yourself by overriding a thermostat is if you have a heat pump in heating mode and you manually crank up the temp triggering electric resistance heat. What kind of heat do you have and what kind of t-stat?

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Thanks for the replies.

To answer your questions:
1. we set our heat at 55 for sleeping, because we like to feel the hibernation. We get a better sleep that way. Then, before we get up, the unit would try to reach 68, yet all different activities in the house require lower or higher setting so many time, that i have to keep overriding them.

2. in GA mild weather here. 68 for winter for most day time, 55 for night. 78 for summer, except during the time we are not home, I let it go up upto 83. However, it stays pretty consistent in summer for 78 degree.

3. I have a heat pump split system with air handler.

4. I have a Lux 7-day programmable t-stat.


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Your thermostat is set to 55 degrees at night and 13 degrees warmer during the day?

does the temperature inside actually get down to 55 degrees in the evenings?

If so, does it actually recover that 13 degrees during the day? With or without auxiliary heat?

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In winter, it's "rarely" reaching down to 55 though, but that's what I set. It reaches down to 55 only when the outdoor temperature drops below 22 or around.

Yes, with the aux or not it somehow reaches to 68 during the day time.....but it takes about one hour to get 2-3 degrees higher around 6 AM. Once the sun it our, the interval of temperature increasing shortens. It gets 3-4 degrees higher within an hour....or so.. (when the heat pump was working PROPERLY)

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The question of whether or not auxiliary heat is called for with recovery from set back is very important to your electricity bill. Auxiliary by electrical resistance is at least several times more costly than heat pump heat. You can't use large set-backs with a very simple set-back thermostat. Your thermostat needs to manage the warm-up period. In addition to that, by manually setting the thermostat, you can invoke the electrical resistance auxiliary heat if you are not knowledgable.

What kind of thermostat do you have? You have heat pump only, no gas furnace? If you post the make and model numbers of your heat pump and thermostat, you will get the most help here.

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I am changing out the entire system. Thinking of Carrier performance mid seer. That's why i like to know if programmable t-stat is necessary

no gas at all. entire elec

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If you are going to keep your house at a constant temperature 24 hours a day then a programmable thermostat is not necessary. If you are going to set back the temperature, then a programmable thermostat make it very convenient. The cost of the programming feature is small compared to the total cost of your new system.

As others have mentioned you can get a thermostat which monitors the outside temperature so your auxiliary
heat is locked out whenever the temperature is mild.

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