Brac Analysis

cheerful1_gwOctober 23, 2007

I've been hearing a lot about this. It's a means of looking for genetic indicators for breast and ovarian cancer. There are similar tests for endometrial cancer and melanoma.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. My sister is an endometrial cancer survivor. My mom also had melanoma 3 times.

Is this something I would ask my GYN about? I'm seeing her next month for my annual, and also to ask about HRT for my many menopause symptoms.

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With your family history of breast and endometrial cancers...I sure would suffer the hot flashes rather than take any HIRT!
Ask your Gyn about the Brac test....but I am guessing your insurance won't pay for it without more familial cases....sad but likely true.
Linda C

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I asked my nurse practioner about this test recently. She told me that the way the testing is done is similar to the testing for AIDS. You are given a number (never give your name, because if the test came back positive, no insurance company would ever cover you again) and instructed to call back after a certain amount of time. You call, give your number, and they give you the results -- all anonymously.

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