bee pollen royal jelly

mvb123October 2, 2007

does anyone have experience taking "royal jelly" to give you more energy?

i just bought some yesterday (11.95 for 11.5 oz.) and am thinking about whether i should take it or return it. i also take a women's vitamin called "women's one multivitamin" by "just once naturals".

and i also bought pure fish oil tablets by "home from the sea."

anyone have experience with the bee royal jelly or can anyone comment on any of these products?

also i have arthritis in my thumbs and was told by the health food store guy (at the mustard seed) that i should avoid orange juice and tomatoes as they will make it harder on my arthritis. anyone have experience with this?

thank you!

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I don't take the bee pollen but my senior dog get a spoonfull of that stuff mixed with his dry food.
I think it's helping him.

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