What Doctors Don't Want You To Know.

ARUMOctober 9, 2007

EFT. This process can heal about anything mentioned on this forum. It saved my life. No more pain, no more depression, no more anxiety, no more insomnia, no more anything to interrupt my enjoyment of life. God answers prayers. Arum

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Electronic Fund Transfers ?

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Well, arum, that doesn't sound like a personal story; it sounds more like an advertisement. Why don't you tell us your story specifics and explain to us what you are talking about?

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Electronic Fund Transfers! You contact someone on line, tell your bank account number, then they transfer your funds to THEIR bank! Sike. :) Yes, I was very vague. Sorry. I don't like to type. but I think to help you, I will HAVEF'T to tell my story.

Anyhow, a couple years ago I needed to rebuild my koi pond because it had a bad leak. My daughter and I carried big rocks up a big hill, to the car, and out of the car for the sides of the pond. Little did I know that I was absolutely tearing my joints apart, and causing all kinds of physical problems for myself. Plus I was going through Menopause, along with major depression.(AS a child I was abused, and witnessed my mother being murdered by my father)). It's difficult to say if the depression was due to my child hood, genetic,or both. Soon after the pond incident my depression kicked in so bad, I really wanted to die, the anxiety was unbearable, and it was amazing the physical symptoms I started to experience. At night I would experience a burning rushing through my body, it felt like fire. NOT a hot flash. I had those too. I wish I could make this story shorter. After going to a regular MD, he said I had ADD, "restless leg", and wanted to put me on 6 different meds. I hate pills. Still, I realize they do have a place and are sometimes necessary, and we should be grateful to medical science that we have them.

So I went on three different pills. My anxiety got worse, and although I thought the depression lifted it wasn't so. Never did believe I had "restless leg", didn't take pills for it. Then I started with this banging in my head,- constantly. Thank goodness, I could only hear it when it was very quiet. So I weaned myself off the pills, had all the same problem's lots of pain in all my joints, the burning at night kept me awake, no sleep, anxiety on a level you wouldn't believe, and this banging in my head. It was time for the black pill. You know, the pill that ends ALL your troubles.
Before this all started, I been watching my diet,mostly low fat, LOTS of supplements, walking every day, relaxation tapes, and drinking lots of water. Nothing helped. This is a long story, I apologise, but I need to take care of some things. To be continued...

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Well, don't leave us hanging....

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More apologises. In short, I went to see a GOOD acupuncturist, and she taught me this Emotional Freedom Technique" It works for physical pain, and emotional pain like anxiety and depression. I am doing the needles,(along with Chinese herbs),(which don't hurt),only one did the whole time I've been going, and that was quick. It's expensive, but well worth it. The EFT alone is worth all the money I've paid and then some. It's a tapping technique, that you do on the bodies meridian points. Doctors charge enormous amounts for this,but it can be learned in five minutes, and it's yours for ever. I may try to explain it on this forum, I just hate to type. That's why my post are usually so short. :) Arum

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Here's a good tutorial.

Here is a link that might be useful: EFT

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Thank you Lydia. :) Anyone who is really interested in getting rid of pain, physical and emotional, can click in tapping.com. A free video to help you on your way. It REALLY works. :) Arum

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Oh my, it almost sounds too good to be true.
Ummm, I guess it is...smile for the advert

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