Anyone wear a MORA? (dental appliance)

catherinetOctober 27, 2009

I've never had jaw problems until recently, when my jaw started catching, and then locked for about 10 days. I went to see a TMJ specialist and yesterday just got my custom-made MORA (mandible orthopedic repositioning appliance).

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do this. It is only on the bottom teeth, and is built up so that the mandible is brought down and outward, to unload the stress on the TM joint. But you're supposed to wear it 24/7 for at least 6 months.

I'm having a fairly huge emotional reaction to it. Its awful. And eating just about anything is impossible, since it doesn't let the teeth move around at all.

The staff at this place are great and very positive, and have said you need to take a couple days getting used to it. But I think they're going to need to go to Plan B for me!

Maybe I'm too orally fixated to have this work.

Considering how expensive this is, I'm even more bummed that it seems so impossible to get used to.

Anyone else ever wear one of these successfully?


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Time to let this post fade into the sunset.........

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Yep going through the exact same thing what to do HELP ! How do they expect you to eat..I tried ! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Did they actually say you couldn't take it out to eat? If so, why was it made to be removeable? I don't know anyone who has been fitted for this appliance but, do know several people who had removable braces. They always took them out to eat.

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Yes they told me I have to eat with eat and it seems impossible to do. I do not see what is the harm in taking it out to eat. I have to take it out only to brush my teeth and brush the appliance. It took me 25 minutes to eat a bowl of soup.

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