polymyalgia rheumatica

minirose1October 23, 2011

Is anyone suffering with polymyalgia rheumatica right now or in the past. My husband has been diagnosed with it and is on Prednisone but still feels very weak and tired. When can a person expect to start feeling better? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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GF's hubby has it, He got so he couldn't even walk for a while without wife holding him up on 1 side. He was on Prednisone for 1 yr. slowly going off of it so his adrenals wouldn't shut down. Also ended up with dementia. Dr. said side effect of Zocor generic(statin drug). He's walking but not too much or too far. Might have done better but was treated in Wash. state & came home without any meds & Dr. down here said diagnosis was good but they shouldn't have taken him off Prednisone as it takes long time to clear up. Hope it goes better for you.

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Well, hubby is some better but still isn't feeling real good and is still weak. Now he has a bad hiccup problem working on him too and it's interfering with his sleep. Sure hope they end soon!

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I was dx'd about 7 years ago with it. I don't believe my case was as severe as many I have heard of. I had the typical pain and stiffness and fatigue, but most of the pain was in my upper body. I took prednisone, beginning at 40 mgs daily for just 5 days. I had a lot of relief by the 3rd or maybe 4th day at 40 mgs. I then began tapering down to 10 mgs and stayed on that for a couple months. My symptoms did not get worse at 10 mgs and I felt close to normal most days. After those 2 months I again tapered down to 2 mgs. I took those 2 mgs daily up until just 3 months ago, when I decided to try taking myself off it. I am feeling fine...no return of any of the symptoms. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones...free of polymalgia rheumatica for good. I hope your husband is as fortunate.

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