Chest ache at night: is this heartburn?

CassandraOctober 25, 2010

For the last 4-5 nights, soon after getting into bed, I have been experiencing 10-15 minutes of dull uncomfortable ache under my right breast bone. I don't experience the pain during the day. I haven't been eating big or greasy meals--no change in a pretty steady (and good) diet. I usually eat dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime, so no late night snacking. I do feel a slight need to swallow more and/or bit of indigestion along with the occasional need to cough (hard to describe these last three things: just a small bit of feeling like something on the right side hasn't gone fully "down.") Any thoughts on what this could be? After the ache goes away I sleep fine, but when I probe the area the next day it is sore. I'm 50, not overweight, and get plenty of exercise.

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It does sound like heartburn, try laying down with your bed at an incline, put a 2x4 under the top of it. This helped me, also taking an antacid pill or two before bed might help. Don't press on the area, it is probably sore from you pressing on it! (True story, happened to my dad, said it hurt his chest when he pressed on it, he had bruised his sternum from pressing on it!)

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Thanks Michelle. I suspect it is heartburn (or something connection with indigestion). But what could bring this on except heavy meals or greasy food--none of which I've eaten? Could stress bring it on? I have been under some stress lately.

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I had something similar, drank a 7 up or take soda. That brings on immediate relief. My stomach is such a problem, I have to take walks in the morning before I eat or I have a lot of pain. I was checked out by the doctor, had the treadmill test but they found nothing unusual. Just gas, quite often I can feel it moving around.

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Sometimes gas settles in that area and causes discomfort, but your gallbladder is in that area and if it continues for many more days, I would think a dr. visit would be in order to rule out gallbladder trouble.

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I'm wondering about perimenopause. It can bring on tons of new pains. Also, our muscles tend to weaken during this time and it can really affect our esophagus and GI tract. It could also be a rib-muscle thing.
Just be aware of any other cardiac-type symptoms.
It could also be your gallbladder.

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Well, this is weird! The nights that I had the pain I had eaten a really good balanced diet each day: no sugar, lots of fruits and veggies, protein, etc (am trying to lose a few pounds). Then last night I fell off the wagon big time and had wine, cheese, chocolate, greasy food etc. late at night out with friends. And guess what? Slept like a baby with no pains. Go figure.

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as a couple of people mentioned gas does get "stuck" in the area under the right or left side of the ribs, there is a big bend in the large intestine under both sides which can trap gas and cause pain. high fibre meals like vegies etc can cause it as the fibre tries to get around the bend also.

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I agree with trancegemini,
In fact, as I age, I'm less able to digest veggies......especially carrots. And I have trouble with high fiber bars........lots of gas and some cramping.
So that may be what's going on with you. I, too, have trouble with those 90 degree bends in the intestine.
You might try taking some gas-X before bedtime, when you're back to the veggies.

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Thanks so much everyone. Your comments are right on track. I think I had indigestion/gas from the veggies and high fiber! Anyone, after the greasy meal last night, it seems to be gone!

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I have terrible pain if I walk in the evening after eating a couple of times. If I walk before breakfast, no pain at all.

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LOL marita.....I guess there is something to be said for greasy meals over veggies!

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Me too with the food choices!!! I was chastised by my health-conscious sister for eating Taco Bell after I was diagnosed with GERD and IBS but when I eat plain chicken breast, rice and veggies I get all bloated and painful. Gas-X has been a HUGE help, along with Costco's Kirkland brand of Acid Reducer and Acid Controller (cheaper than from the drugstore).

I did also have my gallbladder out as well, but that didn't stop the pain. Go for the KFC and the Gas-X!!! ;-)

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Have you been checked out by a Doctor? Could be heartburn, could be something more serious. Then the Dr. can tell you what over the counter products to use. Some do more damage than others.

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It didn't matter what I ate, everything gave me indigestion.

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