hannah_flower_2006October 18, 2006

hi i have a small pea size lump on my middle finger joint the joint where your finger and palm meets it is not sore unless someone presses hard on it. i havent bee to the doctors because im scared if it is serious it went and came back and it has gone smaller please write back sap

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Go to a doctor and put your mind at ease. If it is serious, NOT going isn't going to make it better and time may be important.

It's not unusual to get little bumps and tumors all over the body. Most are nothing. Some go away by themselves. However, there are those that may press on a nerve or get inflamed. These need to be checked out before they get worse.

Don't be a baby, get it checked. Strangers here on the forum can't tell you what it is. It would be foolish to expect us to.

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There is a common "cyst" that appears there, and on other joints. Easy to treat, but a nuisance.

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