Which floor for kitchen?

MugapoodleAugust 3, 2011

I am remodeling my kitchen and am having trouble picking the "right" floor. I need something easy to clean, easy on the joints and pretty water resistant. My 56 year old house has a rather bumpy slab foundation. Currently we have vinyl asbestos tile covered by two layers of sheet vinyl. Here are the choices I am considering: Sheet linoleum (if it is possible to level the floor and deal with the asbestos without breaking the bank!), sheet vinyl (ditto above), engineered floating hardwood or vinyl ceramic tile. I know I do not want ceramic tile (too hard on these old bones) and laminate floors (don't like). Any suggestions? What would be the best given my situation?

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Connections by congoleum....Konecto...Although I prefer Connections for Quality control. Have it demonstrated. it creates an unbelievably heavy heavy mat that will lay there as if it is permanently glued down. Yet it will hide a lot of sin and you will not need to tear anything up. Also it will dissipate those bumps quite a bit. Good Luck.

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You had better stay away from laminate floating floors for your kitchen. They WILL buckle in time. Go with sheet vinyl if your budget will not allow hardwood.

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"You had better stay away from laminate floating floors for your kitchen. They WILL buckle in time. "

Laminate floating floors will buckle in time generally, regardless of the room or brand? Why? Is this true of the wood floating floors?

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I have a Witex laminate floating floor with integrated Silent Step in my kitchen and hallway. It was an easy DIY installation and very inexpensive. It is not real wood but looks like oak. It very convincingly looks like real wood everywhere except the very long run in the hallway. The floor has short oak slats in its depiction. The light hits the seams in the long hallway which emphasizes that the seams do not match the pattern of the boards. Viewed from the sideways directions, where the seams correspond with the boards it looks convincingly real. I lay down area rugs in the hallway to break up the long expanse and that solves that problem. I think other patterns may look better in this regard. Absolutely no damage to the floor after 13 years, looks as good as the day it was installed. I've never fussed over this floor. I just vacuum and once in a blue moon wash it with plain water and a damp mop. There was never a flood in this kitchen just the usual kitchen mishaps--dog bowl, overwatered plants, ice cube melting, spilled milk. The click fits so tight that dirt and water does not collect in the seams.

Of course, a real wood floor would be better in terms of aesthetics and resale value, but for fuss-free living and maintenance, easy DIY installation and cost savings I've been pleasantly delighted with the look and longevity of my laminate.

In summary, I have not found that my floors buckle at all. Maybe the floors that buckle were and inferior product, installed wrong or received extraordinary abuse.

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If you have any unresolved moisture issues from above or below, then floating laminate flooring would not be a good choice.

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