Persistant cough

rosepetal2October 29, 2003

I had a persistant cough that I could not get rid of. It felt like a "clog" of mucus in my throat that would not shift. After a visit to the Dr, a 5 day supply of Amoxicillin and using 5 bottles of cough medicine with expectorant over a two week period, nothing worked. My ribs ached from coughing!! Last night I ran across an article on post nasal drip and the use of a Saline Nasal Irrigation and decided to try it...what an improvement, it dried up the mucus in my throat allowing me to breath and shifted the clog. I slept without coughing once. This am my nose and throat are still clear. The "recipe" is in 2 cups of warm water dissovle 1 teaspoon of pickling or canning salt (not table salt) and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Place a small amount in a seperate container(this keeps the original amount from getting contaminated with germs and you can store it in the cupboard for future use) with this fill a small bulb syringe or infant medicine dropper with the solution and squirt it into the nose keeping your head tilted back. (you will feel it running down your throat and can spit it out if it is too much), remove the syringe and allow excess to drain. I 'sniffed' it into my nose and could feel the drying effect in my nose and down into my throat within minutes!! coughing durning the night, easy breathing this am, although my nose does feel "dried out" it was a huge improvement over coughing all night. Plus my husband got some much needed sleep.

Check the web for more information under Saline Nasal Irrigation but I'm a believer!! Now I'll just wait for my sore ribs to heal. Hope this helps someone else

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A few hours later...... my "cure" didn't last as long as I had hoped and I'm coughing again, however my nose and throat do seem more clear. Back to the Robitussin ;o( but I'll try the saline treatment again at bedtime if it means getting a cough free night.

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I'm curious to see if this continues to help. Please give an update. Thanks!


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One thing it could be is Acid Reflux Disease. Doctors are finding out that some chronic coughs are actually caused by the stomach acid coming up and getting into the broncial area. There is seldom, if ever, any pain with this. Needless to say that antibiotics wouldn't help this at all.

You might try one of the OTC medication like Pepcid or Prilosec for a couple of weeks to see if you are helped any. Even a Tum or two before bedtime might help if this is what it is.

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