High blood pressure and losing memory

sakura2006October 10, 2006

What is best way to lower blood pressure?

I check my blood pressure every day and about week ago, I had 138/85, 133/80, 133/82,148/83 and I did not worry but now my blood pressure is 160-175 and sometimes almost 200!

I don't think reason for my elevated blood pressure is taking herbal supplement call Hibiscus sabdariffa but I remember about taking this supplement twice.

My question is does Hibiscus flowers help to lower blood pressure?

I am not sure.

Maybe reason why I start having higher blood pressure is because I stop taking for walk these few days?

Another thing is suddenly I forgot simple things such as how to use wiper when I am driving and how to keep turning in water (I swim and I kept turning in water over 10 times like propeller for fun for hundreds of times in the past) but suddenly, few days ago I forgot how to turn and next day I found out why.

I was trying to turn in water by facing bottom of pool to float instead of facing ceiling to float.

Is this sign of getting senile?

I hope not.

Of course most people get senile as we get old but I need to keep sharp mind.

How many of you tried herbal supplement call Hibiscus sabdariffa?

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Hi sakura,
May I ask your age and your gender? Also, do you take your own BP and what kind of equipment do you use?

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A big change in BP calls for a visit to a doctor. You may be having something going on that taking herbal remedies won't help. Be sure and tell him what you are taking.

Have you started retaining fluid? That can cause the BP to go up. It can also cause your brain to be befuddled. Have you been eating an unusual amount of salty foods? Or have you been under a lot of stress lately? A lot of things can cause a temporary rise. You really do need to have things checked out.

But since you are also experiencing forgetfulness problems, there may be something unusual going on in the brain that needs looking into. It could be connected to the rise in BP, it could even be the cause of it. Don't wait.

If you are heading for some trouble, the longer you wait, the harder it might be to correct.

I don't mean to frighten you, but the forgetfulness might be more indicative of a problem than the BP.

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sometimes for a quick minuet I forget,Don't let it bother you unless you yourself think something is wrong.

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Thank you for taking your time to respond catherinet, agnespuff, and goldy.

I am 65 years old female.
Yes, I use my own equipment 'OMRON' to check my bp.

When doctor checked my bp about week ago, my bp was 130 and he told me it is normal.
I was relieved but now my bp is between 160-180 but today, I took for 1 hour walk and few second ago I checked my bp.
My bp is 129.
I cannot believe it.
My pulse is 82, DIA is 79, SYS is 129.
I hope I continue to have low bp but I think I start having much higher bp at evening and night.
Only thing I needed to lower bp is one hour walking?
I am not sure if this much simple or not.
If I continue to see bp of over 150,160,170 I am going to see doctor quickly.
I am concerned about connection between memory lose and high bp.

I know what do you mean goldy.
Worry doesn't help us at all and elevate our bp.
I just cannot understand why suddenly I forgot how to turn wiper because I was using wiper thousand of times when I was driving in rainy day.
Strange part is my dream became reality.
I dreamed about my confusion about turning in pool and next day, I experienced exactly what I saw in my dream.
I joked with old lady in swimming pool and I said "I am going to drown if I suddenly forget how to swim".
When I think about it, it is no laughing matter!
I start learning how to swim when I was over 60 years old and I am swimming over 3 years now.
I am sorry for my poor English.
English is my second language.

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Always take you BP at the same time every day. It will tend to rise in the evenings. A good time is right after you get out of bed the first thing in the mornings before you eat, or right before you go to bed at night. Don't take it right after a hot shower or eating either.

After I battle traffic getting to my doctor office, or sit in an uncomfortable chair for ages waiting my turn, my BP is always much higher than it is in the mornings at home. Irritation zooms my BP up faster than anything.

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Check the batteries in the BP measurer

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Hi Sakura,
I think your English is great!
I have forgotten how to do things I've done a million times too. I don't think at this point, you should worry about it. I've had this car for 6 years, and sometimes I can't remember which is the turn signal, and which is the light and which is the wipers! And then there's the automatic door locks and windows that I'm always getting confused about!
Our BP can really fluctuate alot during the day. It's good that you are checking on it every day, but I wouldn't react to just one higher reading.
It can go up with stress, or too much salt or caffeine. Are you on any other meds that might raise it?
Unless you get a high reading consistently, I'd just keep doing what you're doing.
Can you have your BP cuff checked somewhere, to make sure it's accurate?

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My mother took the hibiscus sabdariffa flower tea which is recommended by Dr. Williams. I took her pressure just before giving her the tea and two hours after. Her systolic dropped 60 points and her diastolic dropped 15 points. She had to take it twice a day to maintain a good pressure. She swore by it and I would recommend it to anyone with high blood pressure.

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Trying any kind of supplement without your doctor's knowledge is never a good idea.

If you are having such dramatic swings in your blood pressure readings it is important to notify your doctor and discuss it with him/her.

Changes like this can indicate a problem that needs to be checked out before the problem, if there is one, gets much worse.

Please check with your doctor about what is going on and don't play around with the hibiscus idea.


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