Teragren bamboo - float or glue down?

annkathrynAugust 21, 2012

DH and I are renovating a house and will be putting bamboo in the kitchen, downstairs office, two hallways and upstairs master bedroom. The downstairs rooms are over a crawlspace. We met with the flooring subcontractor today who has installed Teragren bamboo in the past. He initially recommended floating the floor, but said he'd glue it down instead if that's what we wanted. For the floating floor he'd put down plywood and a thin pad which he said would help keep the floor quieter when walking on it. Each option would cost about the same - the cost of the pad vs the cost of the glue were very close.

Which option would be preferable?

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Gluedown and float is generally recommended for installation on a concrete slab, not homes with a wood subfloor. Nail down is preferred in that case.

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Is there a reason nail down is preferred on floors with a wood subfloor?

The flooring subcontractor will do whatever method we want, but he advised against nailing down bamboo. He said he occasionally sees dimpling of the nails visible on the surface of the wood and prefers glue or floating.

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