ruthannOctober 5, 2009

Has anyone bought eyeglasses over the internet? If so, what company did you use, and are you satisfied with them? I am going to buy some soon for my grandkids, but wondered about which company to use. Thanks for any help. Ruth Ann

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In my opinion the eyes are too precious to buy glasses over the internet. If you get the wrong prescription or the lens is not ground right what recourse do you have. What if something goes wrong with them--a lens falls out, an arm comes off. Kids are hard on glasses and these things often happen. Heck I'm no kid and it's happened to me and they were fixed free of charge.

It could be a fly by night company who is trying to fleece you too.

There are reputable optomitrists or chains who often offer 2 for 1 deals or discounts. I see them all the time on TV

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"Has anyone bought eyeglasses over the internet?"
Related thread.

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Get them at walmart, they are very reasonable there. If they have a optical dept.

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I have ordered two pairs from Zenni Optical online. You have to know your complete perscription including some info that you get when you place you are measured for your frames if you buy them locally. The info doesn't change
so you can get it where you had your last glasses made.

I took my pair to my local place and they fitted them for me. I was honest and told them I hadn't gotten them there but they checked the perscription and it was correct. You do have to have the earpieces bent to fit somewhere.

I wear progressive lens and like lightweight frames. Glasses can cost me over $500 a pair. Each pair I ordered were less than $100. I am getting ready to get my eye exam again and if I need new glasses, I will order again from them. Do a search on this site and you will find my earlier post about them.

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Anyone know who offered these? It was on a commercial.

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