Compression Socks ?

pattico_gwOctober 24, 2005

Hi all....I've not been to this forum before but thought I'd ask to see if anyone might have a suggestion.

I wear the compression socks because of swelling in my ankles. The socks are to prevent me getting ulcers or sores on my legs. And they do work. I love wearing them but......

I have big calves and small ankles so my sock slide down and make wrinkles that are like having tight rubber bands around my ankles. At first this pair would just wrinkle a couple times a day but now it seems like it is every 5 minutes.

Today I put a piece of leather under my sock right where the wrinkle goes and it kind of helps. But it still is not a good answer.

When I put them on and stand up I can feel the whole sock slide down.

Glue is beggining to sound 'good'...(joke)


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Instead of socks, have you thought about stockings? You can get them in different weights and lenghts. You can keep them up with garter belts if they won't stay up by themselves. Check with your physician first. A local Medical supply company should have catalogues where you can see what's available. My mother had a physician that just reccommended that we wrap her legs in Ace bandages.

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These are custom made to fit me and they charge my insurance company $200.00 a pair. They go clear to the bend of my knee. I don't think I want the over the knee or to the hip kind.

But even being custom measured, they are still dealing me a fit. I've gone back and had another pair made, but still have the same problem.


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Patti, I wear a lymphedema compression sleeve and would have the same problem except they put little rubber dots at the top of the sleeve to keep it from slipping down. If my memory serves me right there is also a "glue" available to keep things up if the sleeves don't have that feature. You might check out some of the lymphedema supply sites and see if you can find it.

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My daughter had leg vein problems for several years after the birth of her son....uintil she finally had them stripped.
Anyhow at various times during various treeatments whe wore those $200 compression knee sox.....that she deemed worse than not wearing them because they slid down and formed a touniquet around her leg!
She tossed them and went with non perscription elastic panty hose....and made sure to put her feet up several times a day.....and to walk at least 10 minutes several times a day!
Linda C

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Pattico, This might help you...There is a glue that Irish step dancer use to keep their socks up and it really does work...If you have an Irish dance school near by or know of any dancers, I'm sure they can help you...If not, let me know and I'll ask my grand daughters where they get their's...I've even heard, some girls in beauty pagents use this type of glue to hold up their strapless gowns.....Dorothy

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