Dark Chocolate Guinness Cupcake Recipe

caflowerluverMarch 9, 2012

This sounds perfect for St. Pat's Day. Maybe I will steal one of DH's bottles of Guinness and make them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dark Chocolate Guinness Cupcake Recipe

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I made the one from Smitten Kitchen and they were amazing. The best chocolate cake I've ever had, though I did add a tiny bit of espresso powder to it. The beer does really nice things. :) I'm making more next week for St. Patricks Day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smitten Kitchen Guiness cupcakes

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Ditto on making a guinness dish next week....this is probably, no strike that, is the best Guinness cake I have ever made....

Photo/recipe from DesignSponge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Katie Quinn Davies Guinness Cake

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Hubby told me, if I make one, I'm not allowed to waste the rest of the Guinness. There's a lot more in a can or bottle than a cup or 1-1/4 cups!


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Michelle - I made this cake yesterday and I'm decidedly on the fence about it. Wondering what you'd say about these comments:

It was described as incredibly moist. I wouldn't call mine dry, but it wasn't particularly moist, either. I made mine in an angel food cake pan so per the instructions I tested for doneness early. Just short of an hour I stuck it with a skewer and it came out with raw cake batter. About five minutes later I retested and it came out as she described, cooked but some crumbs stuck on the skewer.

The cake was notably unsweet. I don't need things super sweet, but both my wife and I found that you needed to include some frosting with each bite in order to enjoy it.

On the blog it was described as heavy. I found it neither heavy nor light. Right in the middle I guess.

I'm trying to figure out if I went wrong somewhere or if my expectations were just off. I have a hard time imagining I measured something wrong because I used a digital scale and weighed the ingredients out to the gram. It's certainly edible, but not a recipe I'd go out of my way to repeat if this was the intended result.

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