Actinic Keratoses/Basal Cell Carcinoma

zoezoeSeptember 30, 2006

In the last 10 years, I have had "actinic keratoses" burned/frozen/lasered off my nose at least 4/5 times.

The last time was October 2005. It returned a few months ago. Am starting to think that perhaps it's not AK.

Any ideas?

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I posted this in the herb forum, so I'll copy and paste it here for you.

It's been a LONG time since I've posted and I apologize. I used a black salve cream for 3 skin cancers (over a period of 3 years) basal cell and squamous cell. Not ONE has come back. Sadly when I had surgery TWICE before, the cancer returned within a year.
This is the product that the pharmaceuticals DO NOT want you to know about...I SWEAR!!! They have raided almost all companies who sell it, and try to shut them down because it WORKS!

After reading a book on how cancer treatments are being hushed and witheld from us, my eyes were opened. I had no idea how the pharmaceuticals work with the FDA to HIDE possible cancer cures from the public. Why? GREED?

You will NEVER find the black salve approved by the FDA. Why? The herbs are so cheap to make and copy, that the competition would be way too much for the money hungry( Big Pharma) and could put many out of business, cutting in to the pockets of the filthy rich!

Did you know that it costs around 500 MILLION to get a product approved by the FDA, and the studies are done by those they choose. So how do these small companies stand a chance?

I read that the US has around a 3% cancer cure rate overall. That means that our current treatments will give people a 97% death sentence ie, chemotherapy overall.

There are so many natural/alternative treatments that have helped thousands with cancer. For example, the Gerson therapy is being raved about by everyone lately and thousands who are being given 6 months to live are cancer free!

Anyway, this black salve stuff is awesome for skin cancer and for checking suspicious lesions, moles, etc. I know someone who has been using black salve for over 20 years and not ONE cancer has returned. I have tried several brands but only a couple that have worked and that I trust. The black salve attacks abnormal cells and leaves healthy cells alone for just about everyone. I am sure there are exceptions. I put it on all suspicious lesions and so far only 3 on my face that were diagnosed as basal cell, and one possible squamous cell that reacted. The other moles that I have did not react at all. When you put it on, it will burn if there are unhealthy cells ie cancer. And if there are not any, you will just get a mild redness or nothing at all will happen at all.

After a few days, it will form a scab and within about 15 days my cancer came out. I then had a clean wound that began to heal. No infection has ever been reported with it that I know of, and I emailed over 30 people who have used black salve( who left their emails on forums). NOT one had one thing negative to say. I have heard it has around a 97.9- 98% cure rate.

It does burn a bit, but I REFUSE to let surgeons slash my face anymore... ESPECIALLY when it did NO good but give me a higher risk for spreading the cancer.

Many are saying now that each time you get a biopsy, you may be risking the spreading of cells.

If you guys want to get a video on how people have removed cancerous breast tumors and skin cancers with this stuff, go to and look at the tumorx dvd's. You will not believe your eyes! I didn't use the tumorx. I used the cansema, but they both have similar ingredients.

I know people who have put this stuff on herpes and one even on genital warts...OUCH... and they swear by it. They said this was the only thing that made the herpes not come back. I have not tried it as I don't have herpes, thank goodness, but thought it was interesting that it worked for them. I asked the manufacturers who sell black salve and they said they can not recommend it for herpes or genital warts. In fact, if one thinks they have cancer they should get checked by their doctor first to verify it is cancer. And then follow up once the cancer falls out to make sure it's all gone. Melanoma is nothing to mess around with. This will work on Melanoma as well, from several I have spoken to. I know people who have melanoma who had surgery first and then used the salve. Guess what?? The salve found areas that the surgeon missed. But if you use the salve first, you should then follow up with your doctor to make sure it's all gone. Melanoma can kill you within 5 years diagnosis, so don't wait. You want that monster out of your body!

Anyway, amazing product and I am glad I tried it.

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So where do you buy it???

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Email me at:

I can connect you with the original maker. They have been making THE original Black Salve for over 30 years and have a product that is head and shoulders above 98% of what is out there. (There are a few, very few other good suppliers)

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I, too have heard good things about black salve. I also cured a tumor on my dog by switching him over to a raw food diet. And I know plenty of people who had cancer, but no longer have it because they switched to a high-raw or completely-raw food diet. Or because they used wheat-grass juice regularly. (Not my fave). Cancer cannot live in the presence of wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice. Some people have had skin cancers drop off using Miracle 2 soap and neutralizer. That has the added benefit of not stinging, and being something that you can bathe in, and clean almost anything in your house with. Basically, a cell in a slightly alkaline environment can operate normally. That's why these diet and lifestyle approaches are so successful for so many people...they make the body alkaline. Even laughing makes you alkaline. Hannah Buddwig found that mixing quark (kind of like yogurt) with flax seed oil cured all sorts of diseases. Others have found that heavy metal toxicity was interfering with all their body systems, and healing only commenced after they took care of that problem first. Point is, your skin symptoms may or may not be AK, specifically, but it doesn't really matter. You keep getting a disease condition because you have not, or are not able, to maintain a healthy ecology within your body.
This is a wakeup call telling you that your are vulnerable to disease, all disease. It is a wakeup call to do all the study you can on alternative cancer cures and on staying balanced and healthy from the very depths of your mitochondria on outward. Laugh, get a massage and a heavy metal tox screen, start eating more salads with organic veggies and drinking more fruit smoothies from raw fruit, either fresh or frozen, and add a few green leaves to it. Do another one later with some yogurt and fresh flax oil.
Unless you are extremely unusual, you should be able to make your body very unfriendly toward any sorts of tumors. I encourage you to do this whether you follow through with traditional medical treatments or not, as most medical treatments for cancer are extremely toxic for the body...Anne Frahm, whose story is told in "A Cancer Battle Plan," was sent home to die before she finally embraced alternative treatments. She was in remission in 6 weeks. She died 15 years later of liver problems, complications of the heavy drug therapy she underwent for her leukemia. At least that was what her husband told me when I spoke to him.

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