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shadeyAugust 6, 2011


We have a beach house with an 8 X 8 foot shower room. It has a painted concrete floor with a drain in the center. We love this shower room as kids pass through it and shower off the sand before coming into the cottage. The paint has gotten chipped and grungy (8 years old) so we need to do something to renew it.

I have considered having the floor tiled in a natural slate or other tile. Can the painted cement be tiled over? Does the paint need to be removed in order for the tiles to adhere? I am concerned that all of the sand, etc. will cause problems with the grout and that the tiles will become slippery when wet. To repaint the concrete, I think we have to remove the old paint first and that seems like a real pain. I have seen some resinous flooring used in garages. Is that an option for us?

My priorities are: easy to clean, stands up to sand, constant dampness, and looks fresh and clean. Any suggestions?

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Yes, the paint would need to be scraped off. A textured tile would give you traction and an acrylic grout would be stain and mildew resistant and hold up well under those conditions

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