Anyone Wondering???

bulldinkieSeptember 17, 2011

I found my angel,I have a girl who would like to give me a kidney,A LIVE DONOR,Im excited,shes testing right now...wont be long now

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Hope the testing goes well for you both and you get a resolution to your health problems soon. Good luck.

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So how did the testing go? I didn't want to respond until you posted how the tests went, but congratulations!! I hope it goes well.

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She told me if we dont match,shes willing to do buddy system...I just cant believe it,Im afraid to get excited..She has to go for 4 consecutive blood pressure checks then theyre lining her up for tests,she has lots papers to fill out about her health ,then they decide what tests they want run,When I went for testing for transplant,I spent the day there.Like 2 oclock a test,3 a test,4 a test till all were done,nice get it over all in one day.

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Hope it works out for you & you get the kidney you need! I understand the buddy system works quit well! You just need a good match!!

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