Another stain fire drill (Pics)

mearsAugust 30, 2011

My contractor is a day ahead of schedule and is going to start staining tomorrow, and I still can't decide on a stain color. I talked to my SO about this yesterday and we couldn't decide on anything. My entire first floor is an open space and includes kitchen, living room, and dining room. Previously, half of the floor was carpet and the other half was red oak with a golden pecan stain that I wasn't fond of. I'm having the existing red oak floor extended and the entire floor refinished. My walls are a lighter gray and my kitchen walls are a pistachio color. Trim is/will be white. My current cabinets will be replaced next year, so I'm not factoring in how well the floor with match them.

Pictures of the area are below. My girlfriend likes the red mahogany stain, but I'm not sure how well the red stain will go with the walls, and from what I gather redish floors are dated. I do have several other accessories and pieces of furniture with either a redwood or cherry finish, so she is pointing out that this will help coordinate. However, I'm not sure it will help since it won't be an exact match. Originally, I was thinking of something dark, but I'm worried it will darken the rooms and be a nightmare to keep clean with a Malamute that sheds non-stop.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe Jacobean, and after seeing this site, I'm thinking maybe walnut, which neither my gf nor I liked in the color samples:

Here's my area:

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