'Flu' lasting longer than 1 week

marie26September 29, 2007

I saw the doctor a week ago and she put me on a 5-day treatment of antibiotics for my sinus infection, extreme stuffiness, headache and swollen glands and she also gave me an inhaler for my cough. She said I would be better in 2 days but I'm still feeling under the weather. The only thing that is sort of better is my cough. I'm still coughing but not as often. I usually have a low body temperature and through all this, my temperature has been in the mid 96 range and it the highest it's been was 97.4 degrees.

Should I call the doctor again on Monday or is it normal for this to be hanging on so long?

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I think you should call. Share your progress with the nurse, and she can run it by the doctor.

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I think a bad cold can last longer. Are you breathing okay? Are you sure it isn't mono?

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There are several people at my church out for the third week with a sinus infection/cold. They also had antibiotics, but now are just waiting it out. If the antibiotics don't work it usually means that you have a viral instead of a bacterial infection and there is really nothing that can be done for a virus.

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That's right devorah........and many times, a virus lasts longer. Viruses are getting scarier and scarier.

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I forgot to mention that at the visit to the doctor she said my lungs didn't sound right and asked if I smoke. I don't but I do get second hand smoke. She then asked if I'd been wheezing which I think I had been doing. Today the cough is much better but the cold is still there and I definitely do start to feel worse as the day progresses.

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What the heck does "Your lungs don't sound right" mean?
Surely your doc can recognize the sounds of pneumonia. As a decent doctor, she should know exactly what all the various lung sounds mean. Perhaps its time for an xray?
If you've got any unusual sounds at all in your lungs, it usually means pneumonia.
What 5-day treatment were you on? I hope it was a Z-pack (4-day), because otherwise, that wasn't enough.

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