Numbness in Fingers & Toes..

berkSeptember 25, 2005

My husband has this problem not me.

He works outside all year plus he is a hunter too.

The problem is that when the temp drops below 50 F his fingers and toes start going numb. They start with the smallest and work across to the middle ones on feet and hands. They turn white too. Nothing he does, moving them, heat pads, putting his hands under his arm pits, seems to help.

He is going to the doctor for borderline diabetese, but has been going for 6 mo. and it has dropped down and they don't think he has diabetes now.

He doesn't smoke more then a cigar once in awhile, but does like his home made wine.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so do you know what it is from and what will happen out in the woods when it is real cold and he is hunting?

Thanks for any and all feedback.

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Here is a site that may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raynauds

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Thank you very much for the link. I do beleive this is what he has, sure sounds like it!

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Sounds like Raynauds to me, too. I've had it for years. One thing that helps is to swing your arms back and forth - it pushes the blood into the fingers.

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I've had Raynaud's for many years, too, and two years ago it got a lot worse, affecting my hands so badly that I developed sore areas all over my hands and lost two fingernails. It used to be that my toes got the worst of it. I've found prevention is the best thing I can do for myself. Last winter I stocked up on disposable foot warmers and wore them every day in the house as well as outside. I stopped running outside without gloves to pick up the mail or whatever. I still had some problems with it, but it was much better than the year before. I'm NOT looking forward to the cold weather this year.


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