Paint / Stain Opinions for concrete floor

andrelaplume2August 7, 2012

We are just about to the point where we will be putting our ceiling tiles in place in our basement. That leaves us with just the flooring. The area L shaped. On one side is our water in a closet. On the other side is our washer, water heater, softener and sink...behind sliding doors. We have never had a problem but still I fear an eventual water event. Its an L shaped area with a 10 X 10 sitting TV area and the rest occupied by a ping pong table. I have thought of carpeting the tv area and and doing something else in the other area. Then I thought of painting the floor or using that Rustoleum garage floor kit. I fear its a lot of work and may not come out well and will wear off.

Then I saw transparent concrete stain. It says no etching required and you spray it on with a pump sprayer. It sounds easy enough. I could then use a large area rug in the tv are; maybe with a pad underneath.

So, opinions on using concrete stain? Ease of application, wearability, look etc? Any and all comments, icluding brands are welcome. Thanks!

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Sophie Wheeler

Only the acid stains are worth doing. Anything else is a thin paint coating that will have all of the issues of paint.

Before you do any floor covering in a basement you need to test for moisture. If you have high moisture levels, then the actual drainage of the basement needs to be addressed before you do any type of flooring.

One of the best choices for a basement continues to be commercial vinyl tile. You can create an interesting pattern out of several colors. And you can put an area rug on top of it for sound control in the TV area. Plus, it's cheap and easy to DIY.

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I do not think mositure is an issue. The vynil tile will work asthetically but may I ask how its installed. I'd think gluing anything right the concrete is a no no ...?

Also, I am not looking to add xps over the concrete and a subfloor on top of that.

If vinyl tiles about lynoleum? I just wonder about the imperfections in the floor.....and how any type water would affect something glued down...

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Sophie Wheeler

Either moisture is or isn't a problem here. You're kinda describing it both ways. If the floor is too moist for a glue down of VCT, then it's too damp for any other choice as well. And it's too damp to use as living space as well. If there's a problem, then the solution is to fix the problem---the water intrusion into the basement floor, not the symptom of the problem---the damp floor.

Do the moisture tests. Know what the situation is.

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No, moisture has never been a problem for the 6 years we have been here. However, a water heater, softener, washer etc etc could go creating an issue. I have no idea how glued down vinyl reacts in those situations...sure carpet you rip up an dpossibly throw out....

Also, I thought concrete had to breath...does not gluing something to it prohibit that?

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