Bruised knee

mboston_gwSeptember 30, 2009

I fell down hard today on my tile floor, actually tripped over the line from the wall to the icemaker as I was removing wall paper. I hit hard on my bad knee, really bruised it. I put ice on it at first and took an Aleve. Now its 6 hours later and its getting really stiff. Kinda swollen and looks like it might turn dark. I did a search but only found info for treating an older injury. I am wondering if I should apply heat then ice or just the ice? I just got out of a hot bath and it sure felt good to let it soak. But I recall that before my PT for frozen shoulder I would apply wet heat then afterwards ice it down. Which is best for keeping it from swelling and getting stiff? One or both?

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mkandy is right on the money.

I would also have it xrayed. Not that it's broken but to check that you don't have a torn ligament or torn meniscus

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I don't appreacite the link to Paternity Testing from the above poster but...

Did finally go to the doctor. He did an Xray and the structure of the knee is fine. He thinks that I may damaged the nerves that go across the kneecap OR I could have torn cartilage. Either way he wants an MRI done.
If it is torn cartilage, surgery is the only answer since it won't heal on its own. He said that to heal, there has to be blood flow and there isn't any in the knee, just in the fluid surrounding the joint. If its nerve damage, only time will tell if it gets better on its own.

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