how long on soy hrt?

chery2September 28, 2004

I've been taking a generic of estaven for almost 2 weeks, and I guess the frequency of hot flashes has lessened, but NOT ENOUGH. Is the soy supplement something that has to be taken forever? Is there anything in prescription form that's better/faster? I don't want to give PREM-PRO the satisfaction of buying into their lower dosage product, or maybe I'm just being stubborn. Thanks, chery

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It took about 6 weeks before I noticed a difference.


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I take soy isoflavones (pure plant estrogen) and have been on it for 3 years - it has made a tremendous difference. I added black cohosh for a month and saw no difference so dropped it and continued with the soy isoflavones (you can buy them at Costco, healthfood stores and pharmacies). It makes a tremendous difference in my hot flashes.

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