Proton Pump Inhibitors, Nexium, etc.

JonesySeptember 8, 2004

Can anyone here take those indigestion drugs without itching? I have not met anyone who is NOT allergic to them. I tried Protonex, Nexium, and Prilasec, makes my head itch. I have all kinds of left over pills, what a waste.

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I have no problem at all. I am just so glad to have the acid reflux stopped. It took me months to get a prescription from my HMO. Every time I read about someone's Acid reflux progressing to esophageal cancer I get mad at my HMO all over again.

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gandbb, I have gone off all indigestion meds except for one Zantac a day and 3 or 4 Tums. Tums are just calcium so not dangerous. I think the meds were rebounding, because I am so much better without them.

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I am delighted to hear that is working for you. I am very glad not to be drinking Maalox in the middle of the night anymore. Waking up unable to breath because your stomach contents are in your throat is a frightening experience. I haven't been willing to try life without nexium, but I suppose I should find out if my stomach has healed to the point that I can. Continued good luck to you.

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I was told your stomach should be healed in 8 to 12 weeks. It has not been tested for any longer than a year. You may not like this comment..I did stick to the Nexium for 4 months, itching head and all, but it quit working. My neighbor said it quit for her also. We were right back where we started. That is why I am trying so hard to watch what/how much I eat. I would do alright without my husband because I would eat when hungry and small meals. I would NOT go to pizza parlors, buffets, etc.. :o(

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hmmm, sounds like I need to try getting off the stuff. I hate to because I will have to go back to being much more circumspect about what I eat. Even with the nexium I was up all night after eating pumpkin pie.

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