What cork flooring manufacturer is best?

laurarenos7August 8, 2010

I am leaning towards cork flooring in my kitchen reno and am wondering if anyone out there has thoughts on which manufacturer provides a better product. The two corks available are Torly's and Wicanders.

I would also like to hear from anyone who has done something unique with their cork flooring such as mixing colours or putting in a border etc. Also, would cork flooring clash with countertops that are granite with a lot of movement?

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We have very good experience with Ipocork.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ipocork

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I am planning to put cork tiles in my kitchen in a herringbone pattern with 6X12 tiles. I like tile patterns on floors and think they can really elevate the look of a space. I am also planning to use granite counters with a lot of movement (though I may do quartz if the practical considerations win out...).

The brands I am considering use a veneer I think is very attractive and reminiscent of travertine. Globus Cork, Duro Design, and AmCork are on my list of possibilities. Globus makes the different tile sizes and colors I want but is expensive. I would have to cut Duro's myself, but there are many colors. Duro was great about providing samples and seems to make a high quality product and provide great service. I checked out a local installation in a store in the mall. Very nice. I found AmCork online, and they have a few patterns I like (Bark, Stone, Oceano, or Marble Blakc) and low prices. I would have to cut the tiles and probably stain/tone them myself to get the color I want.

I haven't decided which one yet. I may try different ones in 2 small baths and see how they go before I make the commitments in my kitchen and master bath. I am carefully reading the installation and maintenance instructions. There are some differences there.

If you are interested in floating floors, there are many more options. However, in kitchens and baths, I like the idea of site-applied finish for a monolithic coating over all seams.

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Thanks, Andersons. Globus sounds like they offer a product similar to Wicanders which comes in various sizes of tiles as well as planks. I like your idea of the herringbone pattern. We have done 2 teenagers' bedrooms in cork (floating floor) and it looks, feels, and wears great. I have not looked into site applied finishes so that is something I will check out.

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I wouldn't recommend cork in the kitchen. We are about to replace a Wiccanders cork floor that is only 5 years old. After a couple of years, the seams became quite visible. Then we had a leak under the sink, which traveled under the floating floor and ruined it. I called Wiccanders, and the lady said they don't recommend using cork in the kitchen, which surprised me because they advertise it in kitchens. Never again!

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Again, repeating response to patma's complaint.

I don't think your problem was with the cork. It was with the floating floor which is a thin layer of cork over a cardboard type substrate. Wood-look or Tile-look laminate flooring also has that same problem. Our glue down tiles are fine with water. I have boys who constantly leave ice cubes on the floor(from the through-the-door frig dispenser) and I had a dishwasher leak that flooded the floor overnight once. The floor is fine because it was glue-down cork which is cork the whole way through. Think about it - cork sits in wine bottles for years and is fine.

Incidentally, I think it's very strange that patma felt it necessary to revive such old threads to post the complaint so many times.

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I installed a DuroDesign floating cork floor in our kitchen 3 yrs ago, and we are VERY happy with it. I ordered it on the internet, and when you install this brand, it's unfinished, so you have to apply 3 coats of urethane after the floor's down. Seals the cracks, too.

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Jennifer Miller

Laura which company did you go with? How is it lasting? We are looking at those same two options for cork planks. I'm just about to contact the companies to get some info on the cork thickness and if you need to seal.

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AEC Daily

I would recommend cork flooring! It's very durable and is cushioned on the feet and it's also great flooring to reduce sound and viberation ! http://aecdai.ly/pv - provides more info on cork flooring if anyone is interested !

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Jennifer Miller

Brad we are going with cork but not sure about brand. Also has anyone used on stairs?

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Would you be putting some sort on nose piece on each step? The edges of the cork planks are quite subject to damage if they are not protected.

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Jennifer Miller

Yes. The company has those but how slippery would it be?

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Bona makes an anti-slip version of their Traffic finish in satin, which you could use on the stairs.


For my wife's exercise room, I'm going to put two coats of the regular satin Traffic on the floating cork floor, even though it is pre-finished, and probably need to re-coat in a few years.

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