Lactose Intolerance ???

bostonterrier00September 3, 2006

Hi All,

I am completely confused about this thing called lactose intolerance??? I know that it is the inability to digest milk products and that when milk products are consumed it produces gas or other things that are completely uncomfortable. I'll start from the beginning...

I suffered from stomach problems as a teen. So I tried eliminating spicey foods, no avail, fried foods, still had stomach problems( STRONG stomach cramps, sometimes worse than my period cramps followed always by Diarrhea and the strong feeling that I was going to vomit)

I went to a Dr. for a physical and asked them about this problem and they tested me for IBS. The test results must've come back fine because they never got back in contact with me. Why didn't LI come to mind with the Dr.?

One day my mother and her friend where talking and somehow I came up on subject. My mother told her friend everything I was going through and her friend said that it sounded like lactose intolerance. I had seen lactose intolerance on commercials but never paid attention to what it was exactly.

So I started eliminating dairy, voila...upset stomach...gone. Although I have a few questions still remaining on this...

1) I can't even dream of digesting dairy even with a "lactaid Pill" If my stress level is high. Is this common?

2)I purchased Organic whole milk a month or 2 back and tried drinking that (I normally buy "Lactaid Milk")and it didn't upset my stomach, is this common?

3) I haven't always been this way, I could digest dairy as a child. Is it normal to start LI around 13-15 yrs?

4) If I go to a restaurant and order something that I can normally eat (very little dairy) and take a "lactaid pill" I get an upset stomach just like when I drink a glass of regular whole milk (ouch!). There are certain restaurants that bother me (Ninety-Nine.Applebee's.etc). But "Olive Garden's" pizza's do not. I am so confused.

Do you see a common denominator here instead of dairy? I thought maybe I was allergic to MSG. But I have a favorite chinese restaurant that I go to that doesn't bother my stomach at all.

Other than all of these confusing things, believe it or not I am healthy gal! haha..

Any help would be appreciated and if you need any more info just ask.

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Were you ever tested for celiac disease?

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No I have not. I will read up on it on google though, thanks.

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Hi again bostonterrier,

I'm no expert, but I think there's alot of different amounts of lactose in products. Maybe that accounts for the different reaction you have with different things. Also, I've noticed with myself that I can tolerate a little, but when I start eating more, then it gives me problems.
Celiac disease is a problem with handling wheat products. Even if you test negative, you could try to elimate wheat and see how you do. I know people who have tested negative for celiac, but still benefit from cutting back on wheat, or cutting it out (pretty hard to do......but you might feel lots better).
I'm curious what tests your doc ran for IBS, since there really isn't a test for it. And he really should have had you do a trial-run of cutting out dairy. That should have been one of the first things he did. Docs don't always do the right things though.
Have you seen a gastroenterologist? They don't always do the right things either, but they know more about the GI tract that General Practicioners.
I have IBS and have found that taking calcium every day has really controlled alot of my symptoms.

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My son never had a problem with Milk, then we were on a diet (he's 21) and we gave up milk and most milk products for 6-8 weeks (or almost totally gave them up, you get the idea), ever since then he has the same issues with milk. In small quantities he's ok, larger quanties or certain products (pizza' of his favorite foods), and he'd better be near a bathroom within 20=30 mintues or it WILL be embarassing). I notice too, the more I drink and eat dairy products the less they affect me. If I cut them out, then eat small quantites, they effect me. Odd.

WHole point of this post...yes you can have no problems, then they develop.


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I don't think celiac is in contention here because the OP does fine with an Olive Garden pizza.

My problem with dairy products is constipation and acid reflux. I didn't have this when I was younger. Now I can tolerate only small amounts once I am "clean" and my stomach no longer hurts - but first I have to clear out the dairy entirely. I don't do well with wheat either, Combining that with a diabetic diet is a real b***h.

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There seem to be people who have different degrees of wheat intolerance.

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There is also different degrees of lactose intolerance. For some people the lactaid pills do no good, for others one pill will stop the discomfort.

Certain cheeses have very little lactose so if a restaurant is using them you wouldn't have a big reaction. Off the top of my head - parmesan cheese (the real one) and most of the other hard cheeses have little or no lactose; and extra aged cheddar (even grocery store generic brand) has little or no lactose. Maybe the whole milk you bought was super pasteurized and that affected the lactose content.

Plenty of people grow up drinking milk and eating cheese and have no problems until they are young adults or full adults so that is not uncommon.

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catherinet: 1)I'm curious what tests your doc ran for IBS, since there really isn't a test for it 2)Have you seen a gastroenterologist? 3) Celiac Disease

1) The dr. took a feces sample from me. I am pretty sure he said he was testing me for IBS when he took this.
2) No I have never been to a gastroenterologist.
3) Cutting out wheat wouldn't be bad idea, worth a try, however I read up a little on it and I do have the lactose intolerant symptoms but it also mentioned malnurished, low types of blood count, and I am healthy and normal in all of these things. I had a blood test they said everything was normal, this blood test was taken a few years ago when I was still had stomach problems.

trianglejohn: 1) For some people the lactaid pills do no good, for others one pill will stop the discomfort. 2)Certain cheeses have very little lactose so if a restaurant is using them you wouldn't have a big reaction. Off the top of my head - parmesan cheese (the real one) and most of the other hard cheeses have little or no lactose; and extra aged cheddar (even grocery store generic brand) has little or no lactose

1) Actually the pills don't always work (I wonder if them working sometimes is just a mind thing for me?) If I am really stressed than taking a pill will do nothing for me.

2) What's funny is you mentioned different types of cheese have more or less lactose. Parmesan cheese has little to no effect on me. However (I may get sick from Mozzerella today by saying this) Mozzerella cheese and cream cheese they don't bother me (normally), but cheddar cheese and sour cream they bother me.

Also another tidbit to tell you. My sister was able to digest dairy fine until she had her second child. Hmmmm..I haven't had children yet, maybe when I do get pregnant (not trying, still waiting a couple more years) I'll be cured haha....Dare to dream :0)

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"Actually the pills don't always work " I repeated myself! Just disregard this post.

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If it is truly lactose intolerance that you are talking about here are some things to consider.

Some restaurants use fake cheese. So you may think you are eating "dairy" and it does not bother you but you are not consuming actual real dairy products. A lot of places use caesin instead of real cheese on pizzas.

Like it has been said before hard cheeses have very little lactose in them compared to soft cheeses. This may explain why some pizza gives problems and some does not.

BTW, restaurants use fake boiled egg too. The fake slices are easy to spot but usually they use the fake chopped egg. One popular brand they use is "Egg Roll".

Some restaurants also use a 'fake' sour cream product that they give for the baked potatoes and use to make salad dressing. One brand of this is called "Hyderve".

Of course as you may know restaurants use margarine instead of real butter too. Most people are not bothered by the small amounts of lactose in butter but if you are, use drawn butter on things. That way you are only getting the 'grease' part of the butter and none of the milk solids that are suspended in butter.

Some restaurants make "cream soups" from and actual diary cream reduction and some make "cream soups" from a roux with broth added.

This may explain why you have more symtoms at some restaurants than at others. Don't bother asking your server if something has real dairy in it as they are not ever given the recipes that the restaurant uses. Nowdays even upscale places buy a lot of premade things from industry restaurant vendors so even the owner/manager may not be able to supply you with the answer.

Also heat seems to make a difference in whether there is a large amount of lactose in a food item. Heat destoys a lot of the lactose in a product. So cheese on a pizza may not bother you but cheese sprinkled on a salad may.

Tip: You can save money by buying regular milk and boiling it and letting it cool, rather than buying lactose reduced milk. Yes, I know that all milk is pasturized but they do not bring it up to 212 degrees when they do so, only 160 degrees to kill bacteria.

For some reason dairy products with acidophilous culture does not bother people with lactose intolerance. Maybe the bacteria eat the lactose?? Yogourt does not usually bother people. You can buy acidophilous milk at stores but for some reason it is becomming harder to find in stores these days. If seems to have faded away when the new lactose free milks arrived in the market. I am lactose intolerant and have always boughten acidophilous milk. It's better for you too!

You may have miltiple food sensitivities. Yes, food sensitivities can develop as you age. Something that did not bother you years ago may now cause problems. It may be hard to pin down what it is as so many products we buy have all sorts of food additives 'snuck' into them.

For instance lots of restuarants put peanut butter into soups and gravies. the reason is that it takes the scorched taste out of things. In the town where I live a person died at a chili shop while eating chili because it had peanut butter in it. Who wouda thunk?

You will be surpised at how much sugar and artificial sweetners is snuck into food in resturants and in the things you buy at the grocer store. Sweetners are put into just about everything we buy. Americans have a big sweet tooth. Soups, breads, salad dressings, meat marinades, canned veggies, almost everything has sweetners, milk solids, and wheat starches, added.

Try going on a very bland diet and gradually add things back into it until you find the foods that bother you. This may mean starting out buy just eating rice. Yes, I am serious. If you are truly experiencing severe symptoms you could be allergic to corn, wheat, nuts, synthetic sweetners, milk almost anything and maybe multiple items.

Shop at a health food store for a while and only buy "pure" products. See if that makes a difference in how you feel.

Keep us posted.

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Soy milk works much better for me than Lactaid milk which still has small amounts of lactose. The pills have little or no effect, however if I use soy milk, and don't eat lactose foods, I can 'get away' with eating a large dairy serving once in a while. I just don't dare try it again the next night!

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Here's something to think about...Humans are the only mammal that drinks the milk of another mammal. We are also the only mammal that drinks milk as an adult! While that may be strange, and it is totally unnatural to consume dairy, it tastes pretty good when you turn it into ice cream and cheesecake and pizza. I developed intolerance to lactose, as all adults do, to varying degrees. I tried taking lactase along with the "problem foods," but it never did the trick completely. A few months ago, I decided to try Lactagen, after my kid's pediatrician suggested it. You mix this powder with water and take it for 38 days, and then you're done....for good. I did not believe it, but they offer a 6 month money back guarantee. I completed the program a couple of months ago, and I have zero problems with dairy now. Ice cream is back in the freezer, woo hoo! I guess the only side effect is that I gained an inch on my waist from eating my favorites again. Try it, you have nothing to lose. I told a friend about it, and of course, he found it for less than I did and saved $20 at I hope it works for you!

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"Try it, you have nothing to lose." ROTFL. Except our hard earned cash right? Another "poster registered just today and is selling a miracle" post, just like Mr. raidersize above.

Why aren't these junk posts removed?

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Hey I read your post. I was just diagnosed today with Lactose Intolerance. I never had a problem with Milk, even as a child. I'm 19 years old and it just came suddenly. I asked my doctor today and she said that alot of cases of "LI" just happen suddenly with no prior signs.

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I'm lactose intolerant also & pills work most of time but I wonder how much antibiotics are in this stuff-dairy & meat as I have lot of allergies to penicillin, etc.Animals are given lots of shots or antibiotics in food. Could be reaction to what is in the milk as I used to be huge milk drinker. I notice with meat- chicken or beef that 1 time I am fine next time stomachache. Also they are messing with foods & i ate some brand name corn flakes- so good tasting going down- came up in less than 10 min. Thought it might be reaction with my vit. pills so next day thought I would take vits. later & enjoy the cornflakes -same thing barely got last bite down & up it came. Went back to having oatmeal as usual, it never makes me sick. High fructose corn syrup gives me a stomachache also along with artificial sweeteners. Can't win. And I got down to eating rice only & I hate it but still got migraines. (Found out that besides any kind of smoke the weather plays into that) It's trial & error & everyone is different! Good Luck!

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Hi all....i suddenly observe that i m also going through the same problem. I am 23 and was a regular drinker(cow milk). But now i am not able to digest a half glass of milk.

Is their any home remedy?

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