Glucose level low - not sure why....

carrie630September 10, 2011

Has anyone ever had a glucose level of 54? I haven't seen the doctor yet (that's Tuesday), but the nurse gave me the results on the phone and I realize this may mean "hypoglycemia"... yet, I don't seem to have any symptoms or at least I don't think I do....

I, of course, make myself crazy by going on the computer and they say that if you have some kind of tumor in your body, your glucose levels would be low. 54 is quite low. My usual reading is 70. I always fast for my tests so it can't be that reason...and I didn't feel shaky that morning either.

Has anyone had low glucose levels, at least as low as mine?

Thanks - Carrie (The rest of the panel was normal)

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It sounds like hypoglycemia. I have it too, I just make sure to always have a snack every few hours, and orange juice is a good way to raise your glucose level. It isn't something that is a pain to treat, but pay attention to the signs: sluggishness, mind being fuzzy, feeling like you are going to pass out. The OJ will help you, and I get fruit sticks from Trader Joe's that are good to bring your levels back up.

Definitely go see a doctor, he will help you with a balanced diet to alleviate the episodes.

Good luck!

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Okay, this is strange.

I called the doctor to see if I could have a re-test. Why? Because I wasn't dizzy, shaky after I fasted so I am thinking maybe something went awry with the test.

She said it did! She said sometimes the blood "sits" and that's is why I may have had a bad reading.

But that's strange. I've had bloodwork done every six months for the last 13 years and that has never happened... So I am wondering how reliable that information is.

Anyway, I am watching myself and keeping in mind that I may indeed have hypoglycemia - especially if I feel faint, shaky, etc.


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Faint and shaky are classic signs of hypoglycemia. Grab an orange juice, it will pick you up within minutes. I get headaches afterwards though, so be prepared for that if it happens to you.

Good luck!

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My doctor has assured me today that it was a mistake at the lab, but this advice I will always keep in mind - just in case she was wrong. She said that the bloodwork at the lab has given bad readings before.

Weird, but true...

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