Choking cause????Alzheimer's or GERD

AnnieILSeptember 12, 2004

My husband has early Alzheimer's and has occasional spells of choking that happen when he is eating. The choking/coughing lasts for about an hour. He does not seem to have acid reflux with this. But he coughs up huge amounts of mucous. Can't imagine where it comes from. Our daughter feels it must be GERD; while I think it may be that he is not getting the swallowing signal from his brain at the correct time; but what would all this mucous indicate?

The doctor did not seem too concerned about the choking/coughing episodes.

If any of you have experienced this would you share your findings with me, please? Annieil

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I would see another doctor. My mom was coughing up yucky black and green stuff, it was her heart. She needed a pacemaker, after wards the coughing stopped. My husband has Alzheimer's and he doesn't cough. I have severe indigestion and a H Hernia and I don't cough.

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