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RoseAbbeyJuly 9, 2014

My niece is getting married in August. Her bridesmaids color is pink. I have a dress I bought a couple of years ago, havent had a chance to wear yet, it is an animal print, seems it was all the rage then,l not so sure now, but I really like the dress, however pink is one of the main colors in it. Can I wear pink since her wedding color is pink?

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I don't think your animal print will be confused with the solid pink of the bridesmaid dresses.

If it still looks good, wear it. But, you are right in that although you can find animal prints around, it is not in trend right now as formal wear.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you want to wear it, I think you'll be fine.

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I googled animal print 2014 and actually it is a trend for 2014!

I have another dress I could wear, grey, it also has a bit or pink in it as well. I will probably decide that day, and see how the dresses feel. I was never one of those that could pick out an outfit for work the evening before. It was always a mad rush that morning to try something on and see how it felt.

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Interesting. I've been dress shopping for a wedding for September and have not seen any. Lace seems to still be around though.

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I doubt you'll be the only guest in pink. Most guests don't know the bridal colors ahead of time.

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I wouldn't worry about having pink in your dress, especially if it is a print.

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We are invited to a wedding next week, bride specifically asked that guests wear wedding colors of pink or black. Go for it!

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When my oldest DD married, it was a 'black and white affair' and guests were asked to wear one or the other, and had it printed on the invitation. I think she wanted to make guests feel comfortable knowing many people avoid wearing either color to a wedding, and this was giving them permission.

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My niece's wedding was two weeks ago in an olive grove in CA. Beautiful. Trends there: lace, pink, coral, turquoise, long and flowy. Very pretty!

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As long as you are not in white/ivory, all is good.

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I don't know your age, but no one would mistake me for a bridesmaid so wear your pink printed dress. To patty cakes: I have never heard of a bride recommending a color for her guests. Did it work out or were there some rebels who wore a navy suit or a colorful dress?

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If the new rule is that wedding guests need to research what color the bridesmaids dresses are and avoid that color, I'm just going to stop going to weddings.

Even if a guest wears the same color, the chances are that the dress will be a completely different style from the bridesmaids, and the shade of the color will also be different.

Wear whatever dress you like that you feels makes you look pretty/sexy/drop dead gorgeous--whichever look fits your style.

As for brides, the most they can do is set the level of formality of their guests' attire. Requiring certain colors or costumes is telling their guests that the appearance of the wedding guests is more important to them who actually attends their wedding. Not the nicest message to be sending.

No guest should have to go out and buy something just to wear to a particular wedding--they should, if they want, be able to use any existing suitable outfit in their closet. What with wedding and shower gifts, and frequently having travel and hotel costs for weddings these days, it's a lot of chutzpah to ask guests to buy special outfits just for your wedding.

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Camlan, I have seen weddings where all the BM's wear the same color, but they get to pick their dress style, so maybe it's that?

But I still agree the OP should wear whatever she wants that suits the formality of the reception.

Thank goodness no weddings for us this summer.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree that telling guests to wear a specific color is pretty out there. It should be enough that the wedding party is told what to wear. The only rule for guests is the bride should be the only one in white/ivory, and I agree with camlan that she can set the level of formality.

And given the last wedding we attended which include hotel overnights, travel expenses, outfits, wedding and shower gifts, and meals, it cost us plenty.

Re guests wearing the same color as the bridal party, I know of several weddings that were evening weddings and the bridal party all wore black. I can't imagine not having many of the guests also wear black for such an event...not to match, but to be more evening/formal.

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My grandmother had recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii when I got married. She called the week of the event to ask if I would mind if she wore the long, vivid green muu muu she'd brought home from her trip.

I said yes.

She loved that dress. It made her happy and she looked beautiful in it.

(No judging the rest of it -- it was the 70's, lol.)

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Definately no one is going mistake me for a bridesmaid!! I have decided to wear another dress, it is black and white, more formal, instead of the pink animal print since I have learned I will be sitting at the table of honour.

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