Teeth Grinding--Dentist trying to pull a fast one?

choufleurSeptember 25, 2006

I suffer from bruxism and need a lot of dental work as a result of this. However, my dentist continues doing work on my teeth only to have crowns damaged because of the teeth grinding. I suggested she make or recommend a dental guard for me but she insists that she wants to study the "grind pattern". I wonder if she's just trying to rack up an even greater bill my redoing work instead of trying to halt the source of the problem. What's your opinion?

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I think I would check out someone else. Even a poor fitting night guard would help cut down on damage.

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I agree with agnespuffin.

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You know, I'm not so sure. I never grounded my teeth until after a got a poorly fitted crown put on. It was like the crown set the grinding in motion. Maybe your dentist is trying to get the crown to fit correctly or trying to figure if some teeth should be shaved so that you won't grind as much?

I'd come right out and ask what exactly she is looking for and how long it will take. It's better to solve the problem than to just mask it.

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It's my understanding that if a dentist is good, he can tell right off the bat, if you grind your teeth. I think some people (dentists), might feel uncomfortable with their knowledge about something, and say things like your dentist said. It just doesn't sound right.
Another option for you is to get a less-expensive sport's mouthguard and give that a try.

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dentist grined down my brand new crown,so that the gold were exposed,his response was ,it was to high so I grined it down. Don't worry about it

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