dirt under flooring

molliehannaAugust 5, 2012

We need to replace our kitchen floor and there is dirt under it.Is there any special insulation or spray to put on new boards to keep the musty smells out once new floor is down.We will be putting hardwood down.

Thx so much for any help in advance.


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I assume that you mean that there is an uncovered dirt crawl space under the floor.

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Building codes require minimum 24" high for crawl spaces and most areas require vents equal to at least 1.5% of the square foot area in the crawl space. Additionally the dirt needs to be covered with 6 mil black polyethylene lapped up 6 inches and held in place. Check the moisture content of the floor joists if high than 12% you need to correct following the above. I see you have a musty odor which is a clear indication of excessive moisture that must be adressed prior to installing solid hardwood.

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