Blood pressure medication = insomnia

socksSeptember 2, 2008

I've just started on BP meds--Divan and then something called Lotrel. The Diovan kept me awake at night, the Lotrel also, but not quite as much. I will call the dr. to ask for a 3rd drug to try. Has anyone else had this experience with BP drugs? I don't like trying all these different meds.

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I have had that experience with the beta blocker I have tried - I think the name was Coreg. The Micardis I take doesn't seem to have that effect.

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My husband's been on Lotrel for several years. He also has trouble sleeping (seems like forever). Interesting connection.

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My husband takes Metroprolol for BP, & also takes med for high cholestral.He's suffered from chronic insomnia for at least a year or so.All the dr. does is prescribe meds to sleep! One drug after another just doesn't help one's over-all health. And insomnia, if chronic,just adds to the mess of problems you're already having, don't you think? I hate to see his health declining slowly but surely from the very drugs that are supposed to improve it.There's GOT to be a better way.But what...?

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Hmmmm.....I started back on Metoprolol (Toprol) at the same time I started Zoloft about 6 weeks ago. I started having trouble sleeping, but thought it was the Zoloft. My doc recommended that I take the Zoloft in the mornings, so I am........but I think I'll switch the beta blocker to mornings too. Are you taking your med in the morning?
I have gotten alot more energy while being on these 2 meds. I'm on a very small dose of the beta blocker, otherwise it would make me tired. I'm busy all day long now.....but still have trouble going to sleep.
As my sleep doctor said today (I use a cpap machine), "all meds can affect your sleep".

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I tried 4 or 5 drugs, beta blockers and ace inhibitors before I changed doctors. The new doctor put me on Cozar, I had a slight pain in my lower back and slight cluster headaches, both went away in a couple of weeks. No side effects that I am aware of. My doctor said Cozar is one of the safest drugs on the market.

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I take Metprolol and cannot sleep if I take recommended dosage I am awake all night

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