Vinyl tiles in laundry room with drain

luvmycasaAugust 26, 2012

I'm having a bit of a dilemma of what floors to put in my laundry room/powder room. It's the first floor bathroom and it also has the washer and dryer.

I want to go with vinyl tiles. But, the room has a drain in the middle. It's a weird, rusty drain (I would like to try to replace the grate on it but I haven't tried to get it off yet) and because of the drain, the floor is slightly sloped. The subfloor is concrete.

The previous homeowner had a large sheet of vinyl that was in terrible shape and was just ripped around the drain. I removed that, but now I'm left with pieces of the backing on the concrete.

Would vinyl tiles work, given this situation? Is there another, better option? I have to leave a hole in whatever flooring I choose for the drain, right? Any advice is appreciated!

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While I prefer real can do this, even with the slope. As you get near the drain, use a hair dryer on "High" to soften the tile and allow it to conform to the slope...

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Vinyl tiles would work. It would be best to get as much of the sheet vinyl backing off the concrete and then install your tiles with a flooring epoxy adhesive. However, note that working with epoxy flooring adhesive can be messy...and you need to roll the flooring several times as it cures. Even professional vinyl tile installers dislike working with epoxies, but sometimes it is what is called for.

If you don't expect much standing water in the laundry, then whatever the tile manufacturer recommends as an adhesive probably would be OK.

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